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Identity Of Driver Behind Times Square Crash Revealed By Police

Identity Of Driver Behind Times Square Crash Revealed By Police

Richard Rojas has been arrested twice for DUI.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

The man who drove into a crowd of people in New York's Times Square has been identified as 26-year-old Richard Rojas, the New York Post reports.

Rojas, from the Bronx, has reportedly been arrested twice before for driving while under the influence. He was escorted by police into a police car where he was tested for alcohol, a source told the paper.

According to early reports there are multiple casualties. The Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) have said there are 13 injured; however, other sources have reported more than 20.

Police reports say that at least one person has died.

The maroon car was reported to have been driving the wrong way before it mounted the kerb and careened onto the crowded pavement. It came to rest on two wheels, wedged between a pole and barriers. It is not yet known what caused the crash.

The NYPD told CBS news the crash does not appear to be terrorism-related. The 26-year-old driver has been arrested and has a 'history of arrests for impaired driving', the news outlet reported.

A spokesperson from the NYPD said: "We don't have details as of yet. It looks more like an out of control vehicle - a vehicle that lost control than anything else at this point."

Asked if it was terror-related he added: "This is very preliminary. We don't have any details yet but on the information that we've got so far it looks more like an out of control vehicle at this time."

Source: The New York Post and CBS

Featured Image Credit: PA

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