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NSW Pubs And Clubs Will Be Allowed To Reopen Tomorrow

NSW Pubs And Clubs Will Be Allowed To Reopen Tomorrow

But there are strict rules on what they can do...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Pubs and clubs in New South Wales have been included on the list of small businesses that will be allowed to reopen tomorrow (May 15).

When the federal government announced its Three Step plan out of the coronavirus pandemic, pubs and clubs were relegated to Step Two.

But NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said these establishments will be able to join their cafe and restaurant counterparts on Friday.

"This is an important first step, and we want it to be a success, so that as venues transition back from closure they do so safely both for their staff and their customers," Mr Perrottet said.


"We realise the smaller venues will be the ones who gain most, but we are working hard to ensure we open in a safe manner and get the economy back up and firing."

But they won't be able to open their doors fully like they did before.

The law requires every place that reopens tomorrow to only have 10 people at any given time. It's unclear whether that ruling means 10 customers or 10 people in total, including staff.

Sadly, another rule requires only the restaurant part of the pub to reopen. So essentially, you'll be able to have a nice, cold pint as long as you are having food.


It's part of the state's plan to slowly reopen the economy as the number of coronavirus cases falls to a safe level.

Cafes and restaurants will be under the same rules, restricting people to sit at a safe distance. Libraries, community centres, playgrounds, boot camps, shopping centres, home sales and auctions will also be allowed to restart.

Residents will also finally be able to travel locally and regionally, however, we're warned that holidays are still banned.

In even better news, you'll be able to welcome five people to your home and you can have public gatherings of up to 10 people.


Weddings can welcome 10 people, indoor funerals will be allowed to cater for 20, and outdoor funerals can have 30 people.

Outdoor exercise equipment and pools will be reopened with restrictions and people are encouraged to wipe down benches to ensure they're clean.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says while it's an exciting time, people should remain vigilant as the pandemic hasn't been eliminated in NSW.

She added: "Please acknowledge the easing of these restrictions is a sign about how far we've come, but please also acknowledge that all of us need to maintain our vigilance - walk out the door assuming you have the virus or somebody else you're coming into contact [with] does."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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