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​People Are Arguing Over Where Washing Machines Should Go In The House

​People Are Arguing Over Where Washing Machines Should Go In The House

You may have noticed there's been a lot of washing machine chat over on social media this week. I know, we're all a thrilling bunch, aren't we?

Well, it's because it turns out people can't agree on where the machines belong in the house - some people say they should always be in the kitchen, while others reckon they go in the bathroom.


We thought we'd just go ahead and settle this once and for all:

The people have spoken, and a whopping 84 per cent of you believe a washing machine belongs in the kitchen.

"Chuck it in the kitchen man and be done with it," one LADbible reader said.

"Definitely kitchen, If there was a washing machine in the bathroom you wouldn't have enough room to open the door," another said.


Mind you, some other online polls have come up with different results - suggesting it's probably a geographical thing.

It seems like Brits might be the only ones favouring the kitchen, whereas places like the States and Australia tend to pop theirs in the bathroom.

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Someone told us on Twitter: "Mine was in my bathroom when I stayed in Denmark... was great as you never heard it."

Another said: "Kitchen is so strange... I'm from the UK and live in Norway and bathroom or utility is the way over here why would you have it in the kitchen? Makes no sense!"

A third wrote: "Come to Australia, all in bathroom if not laundry."

Another person tweeted: "Same in romania... why would it be in the kitchen..."

What's more, many people commented on our poll to say that washing machines belong in neither the kitchen nor the bathroom - and that actually they should go in the 'utility room'.

I know, it's lovely that so many of you have a dedicated room for your utilities. I've barely got a kitchen, to be quite honest.

One person wrote: "The middle class answer is, of course, the utility room."

Another agreed, adding: "Utility room if you've got one."

But someone else threw yet another curveball, saying: "Mine is in the garage."

"Bedroom," another said.


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