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​Pilot Reveals Best Place To Sit On A Plane

Jess Hardiman


​Pilot Reveals Best Place To Sit On A Plane

A pilot has revealed the best place to sit on a plane, saying it actually all comes down to 'common sense'.

Many of us might have our favourite spots on a plane, whether it's a nice window seat to enjoy the view, or somewhere close to the front or back so you can nip for a wee without too much hassle.

In the same sense, there are some parts of the aircraft we'd probably rather avoid - some of us often feel a bit uneasy about sitting anywhere near the wings, for example, thanks to the age-old rumour that you'll immediately get sucked into the jets if a window breaks.

However, according to Nick Eades - who is the world's most experienced Boeing 747 pilot - the latter may actually be one of your best bets, along with other spots near emergency exits.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Speaking to LADbible, Eades explained that there isn't necessarily a 'safest' place to sit, saying: "Sitting at the front of the plane is as safe as sitting at the back, and vice versa."

He continued: "Always offer to sit by the emergency exits because - as long as you're able-bodied - I think probably the best seats are the ones closest to the exits.

"Then if there is an abandoned take-off [or] there is catastrophic failure, you can either help people out or be the first to get out of the aeroplane yourself. You're in a very good position.

"It's common sense, if you think about it."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

This also puts you in a good position to assess your surroundings and plan for an emergency - this is something Eades believes we often do without realising in other parts of life, but should apply to air travel.

He said: "We all do it without noticing. If you were in a busy street, you look at things, you're always assessing safety.

"And when you go onto an aeroplane it's important - you know, when they say, 'Look at the exits' - it's really important to always have a strategy."

Nick Eades. Credit: Nick Eades
Nick Eades. Credit: Nick Eades

Giving the example of 'drunk people on a bus', who might make you want to get off at the next stop to avoid any problems, Eades continued: "You're looking at your own safety and you've got to plan, and in a very much diluted way.

"If you're sitting on an aeroplane, look where the exits are, think to yourself, 'Okay if we do have a catastrophic failure, especially on take-off or landing, and I have to get out, which way do I go?'

"And that's all you need to do. 30 seconds - and do it in life as well. You know, if you're in a nightclub and you see a fight start, just have a glance around - 'How am I going to get out of here, what should I do?'"

He added: "Safety's in everybody's hands, it's not just in the pilot's hands."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Jess Hardiman
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