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Police Called On Woman After She Makes TikTok Video With 'Dead Body'

Police Called On Woman After She Makes TikTok Video With 'Dead Body'

She was doing the viral pallbearer meme

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Police were called to a house in California when a worried neighbour thought she saw a woman carrying a dead body - but it turned out she was recreating a viral TikTok trend.

The woman was in fact filming a video for the social media site, as part of the dancing pallbearer meme, in her garden in Chino.

Captioned 'I will miss him', the video opens with the woman mopping the floor of her house, before a man goes into the frame and walks over her freshly cleaned tiles.

The next thing we see is the woman dancing, holding what looks like a body bag - the joke, of course, being that it contains the man who rudely walked over her clean floor.

Local news outlet KTLA5 reported that her neighbours thought they were witnessing a crime, calling the police and sounding the alarm that they'd seen the woman carrying the 'dead body'. It was actually a dummy dressed up in clothing - an easy mistake to make for the unassuming, non-TikTok using neighbour.


The pallbearer videos on TikTok usually show someone doing something inconsiderate and getting 'murdered' in response, before being paraded around by a dancing pallbearer.

The whole thing started as a response to Ghana's dancing pallbearers, who shared a video thanking 'all the doctors in the world' following their resurgence to viral fame during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pallbearers first went viral back in 2017, after BBC Africa shared footage showing how they dance flamboyantly while carrying coffins.

They then found a second wave of fame recently amid the coronavirus pandemic, with social media users using them as something of a dark-humoured meme.

Off the back of that, the group have now shared a message about the current situation, saying they 'want thank all the doctors in the world'.

In the video, shared on social media by leader Benjamin Aidoo, they said: "You are working hard and taking care of everyone."

Addressing the general public, they added: "Now remember, stay at home!"

While they're known on the internet as the Ghana Dancing Pallbearers, locally they're referred to as Nana Otafrija Pallbearing and Waiting Service.

Essentially, the aim of what they do is to make your funeral a bit less doom-and-gloom, should that be what you and your loved ones fancy.

In a recent interview with Joe, Aidoo said of his new-found viral fame: "I'm very surprised and I'm happy with that.

"Right now, every country is locked down and in lockdown, you're in your room doing nothing... And I'm happy that people are using my display, my performance, to cheer themselves up.

"My fans, they want to see me, so I know after the quarantine is lifted, me and my team are going to come and perform for them."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rossymiranda3

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