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​Off-Duty Policeman Fends Off Two Armed Robbers Without Dropping Ice Cream

​Off-Duty Policeman Fends Off Two Armed Robbers Without Dropping Ice Cream

The 46-year-old officer had been sitting outside an ice cream parlour with his son when two suspects approached

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Footage shows the moment an off-duty policeman in Uruguay fended off two armed robbers by firing guns at them as they approached a shop. Please note LADbible has edited the video, which contains sensitive footage.

The unnamed cop didn't even drop his ice cream as he fired gunshots at the duo, before standing up to make sure they'd disappeared as they ran off into the night.

Security cameras captured the incident as it unfolded, with footage going viral on social media.

In the clip, the 46-year-old officer is seen sitting outside an ice cream parlour with his son in Montevideo, the country's capital city.

Dave Rudge

As they both enjoy a cone, two men approach the store, pausing briefly as they near the cop and his son.

One appears to reach for something in his pocket, supposedly confronting the policeman - but the officer gets there first, drawing his gun and firing at from point-blank range.

He then shoots at the other suspect, prompting both of the men to run off into the street.

Dave Rudge

Amazingly, the officer manages to do all this without dropping his ice cream, which remains firmly in his left hand.

According to Telemundo, the incident occurred at around 11.30pm on Sunday, in the neighbourhood of Sayago.

A man who identified himself as a police officer called 911, reporting that two men had tried to rob an ice cream parlour located in the vicinity of Ariel and Sayago.

The police said when he saw the two suspicious men arriving on a motorcycle, he suspected they could be robbers.

Telemundo reports that the would-be thieves left their motorcycle abandoned.

Dave Rudge

A 23-year-old was wounded and arrested, before being taken to Casa de Galicia hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot to the chest and underwent surgery, and is now in an induced coma.

He has a lengthy criminal record that includes homicide and arms trafficking.

His accomplice, meanwhile, is believed to have fled the scene.

It is not known whether or not he was injured, although the CCTV footage shows that several shots were fired at the two men.

LADbible has reached out to Seccional 5º de Policía de Montevideo for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Dave Rudge

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