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Prince Andrew Offered $100 Million To Take Lie Detector Test Live On TV

Prince Andrew Offered $100 Million To Take Lie Detector Test Live On TV

Journalist Ian Halperin wants Prince Andrew to take the lie detector following Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Prince Andrew is being offered $100 million (£75 million) to take a lie detector test live on television while answering questions about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre's sexual assault allegations.

Ian Halperin is an investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author. He has offered the Duke the sum to 'come clean' by undergoing a polygraph test 'with a world-leading polygraph examiner'.

Halperin claims to be the only journalist to have interviewed the convicted paedophile in depth, and he says Epstein told him that he and Prince Andrew were like 'brothers'.

Convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Halperin says the test could give a chance for the Prince to 'clear his name' amid his seemingly damaged reputation.

He has given Prince Andrew 14 days to accept the offer, and he says the capital is backed up by an investment group.

He told Daily Mail: "It will be a pay per view event, hopefully the biggest pay per view in history, where Andrew gets $100million for just turning up and taking the test.

"If he is as innocent as he says he is, he passes and it clears his name. It is a great way for him to vindicate himself in 45 minutes.

"So it is a win-win for him and he would be able to make a donation to victims of child sex trafficking. It would make him look great. If he is hiding nothing then he should do it.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

"Nobody has ever made that amount of money for 45 minutes work. And we will provide him with hair and make-up!

"I am open-minded about the result. I leave the door open for him to clear his name. I am bypassing this 'he says, she says' and cutting to the chase. A polygraph test will be 99.999 percent accurate."

Virginia Giuffre, 38, sued Prince Andrew for sexual assault earlier this month.

The longtime Jeffrey Epstein accuser launched a lawsuit in the Manhattan federal court claiming the Duke of York sexually abused her when she was just 17 years old.

Virginia Giuffre claims Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was 17.

The legal action claims Giuffre was trafficked to the London home of Epstein's ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and was forced to engage in a sex act with the Prince.

"During this encounter, Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew forced Plaintiff, a child, to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will," the suit reads.

Virginia also claims she was abused a second time by the Duke of York, along with another victim, at Epstein's Manhattan apartment.

"During this encounter, Maxwell forced Plaintiff, a child, and another victim to sit on Prince Andrew's lap as Prince Andrew touched her," it states.

"During his visit to New York, Prince Andrew forced Plaintiff to engage in sex acts against her will."

Halperin said Giuffre has offered to take a lie detector test for free to 'prove her truth' if Prince Andrew declines his offer.

In a 2019 BBC Newsnight interview, Prince Andrew denied ever having sex with Giuffre, and said he had 'no recollection' of meeting her.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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