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Prince George And Princess Charlotte Must Have An 'Unplugged Lifestyle' When It Comes to Their Toys

Prince George And Princess Charlotte Must Have An 'Unplugged Lifestyle' When It Comes to Their Toys

Most kids are taught the basics when it comes to discipline, but it sounds like the royal kids have a little more to deal with.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

We'd imagine that being part of the royal family would mean being subject to a whole boatload of rules that would never apply to mere mortals like us.

Mind you, that didn't stop Prince Philip swearing at a photographer - and getting caught on camera doing so:

No doubt that one broke royal protocol. But what about the newest additions to the ever-expanding royal fam, Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Most kids are taught the basics when it comes to childhood discipline - no biting, no hair-pulling, no name-calling, you have to eat your greens before you get a Mars bar, etc. - but it sounds like Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids have a little more to contend with.

According to US Magazine, the two also have pretty big limitations when it comes to the toys they play with, with the Duke and Duchess enforcing an unplugged lifestyle.

That means no iPads - the go-to bribery tool for most modern-day parents - or any other popular electronic devices, and they're instead encouraged to go and play outside in the good, traditional manner.


Sounds far cheaper than forking out on a bunch of tablets and games consoles, doesn't it? Which will probably come as a bit of a relief for Wills and Kate, who are going to have to spend an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE on school fees over the next few years.

For starters, they decided to send ol' Georgey to Thomas's private school in Battersea, where their fee is expected to be more than just a little bit steep.

According to the Mirror, one year at the exclusive school costs £17,604 ($23,044) and increases when Prince George reaches year three. If everything goes according to plan, the royal youngster is expected to stay at the school until year eight, and by then his school fees will have shot up to £172,116 ($225,204). Mind you, they're not exactly short of cash.


The cost per term is a staggering £12,910 ($16,891), which could accumulate to more than £360,000 ($470,967) by the time he's finished school. Even though he's a royal, that doesn't mean that he, or his family, avoids paying school fees.

The four-year-old could then follow in his dad's and uncle's footsteps and go to Eton - and that's where things get even more pricey.

Then, of course, there's Charlotte, who'll no doubt be expecting similar levels of educational lavishness. Oh, and the royal bun that's in the oven, too.

S'alright, though, as apparently Prince Charles is probably footing the bill, having paid for Prince William and Prince Harry's expenses - so maybe William and Kate could stretch to an iPad or two? Who knows... maybe they've just been watching too much Black Mirror.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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