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Seven Students Charged After Allegedly Putting Semen In Teacher's Crepes

Seven Students Charged After Allegedly Putting Semen In Teacher's Crepes

The teachers had unknowingly eaten food tained with bodily fluids

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Seven teenage students have been charged for putting bodily fluids inside their teachers' food, having laced some crepes with semen.

The incident happened back in May, when prosecutors say the boys decided to taint food set to be served to their teachers as part of a cooking contest at Olentangy Hyatts Middle School in Powell, Ohio.

The teachers - a 24-year-old woman and a 49-year-old man - were acting as the judges for the class competition, in which dishes prepared by students were pitted against each other.

Following a four-month investigation, Delaware County prosecutors filed the criminal counts against six 14-year-olds and one 15-year-old.

Olentangy Hyatts Middle School.

A video allegedly showed the suspects' bodily fluids being added to the crepes - an action that was only revealed once two unsuspecting teachers had consumed the food.

Tracy Whited, Delaware County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, said: "One student filmed some of it, and the video made its way around the school and fortunately to school administrators."

In the investigation, deputies seized a clear plastic bag containing 'off-white liquid substance', along with three iPhones.

According to WBNS-TV, one student was charged with felony assault for allegedly bringing his semen to school and pouring it onto a crepe that was then served to a teacher.

Court documents say the teen had planned the stunt with classmates days earlier.

A second teen was also charged with complicity to assault for allegedly taking part in the plot and doing nothing to stop it, along with an additional charge of tampering with evidence after allegedly deleting text messages and video footage relating to the incident from his phone.

The charges against the students.

A third suspect is also charged with assault on a teacher, and a fourth with complicity to assault on a teacher.

A fifth, who prosecutors say planned with other students to pour urine into barbecue sauce to put on food served to four teachers, was charged with assault on a teacher.

The teachers had eaten the food without knowing it was contaminated.

Two other students were charged with complicity to assault a teacher, after allegedly participating in that act.

An attorney representing four of the students said in a statement to WBNS-TV: "Everyone has worked very hard this summer to resolve these cases in a fair manner that takes into account the disgusting nature of this prank, while also balancing the fact that we're talking about 8th grade boys.

"This is an example of how easily influenced kids are by what they see on YouTube and social media.

"They are learning an extremely hard lesson. We feel horrible for these teachers."

Olentangy Schools said: "We are aware that charges have been filed in this case and we thank law enforcement for their due diligence.

"As a district, we are saddened that these charges are a result of actions that took place at one of our schools. Our teachers deserve respect and kindness, and anything less than that is completely unacceptable.

"We will continue to support law enforcement in every way possible."

The students will all face a judge in Delaware County Juvenile court over the next three weeks, WBNS reports.

Featured Image Credit: WBNS-TV/CBS

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