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Subway User's Impromptu Photoshoot Has People Envious Of Her Confidence

Subway User's Impromptu Photoshoot Has People Envious Of Her Confidence

A woman has been praised for her pretty incredible level of self-confidence after she whipped out her camera on the subway and enjoyed her own personal photoshoot.

Jessica George, from New York, was riding the train when fellow passenger Ben Yahr spotted her grabbing some snaps to upload to Twitter.


Ben then posted a short video to his account, showing Jessica's eye for a good shot - setting up her camera perfectly before striking a series of serious poses.

Since the short video was shared online, it has gone on to receive more than 6.5 million views and almost 200,000 likes, with thousands commenting on how great she looked.

Many followers were stunned by her confidence at posing in front of a carriage full of complete strangers.

One person said: "To have the confidence to do this in front of others is powerful. I could never."


A second person wrote: "I was just like omg I can't even watch the whole thing. I'd die for that confidence."

"'Is this what it's like to NOT have social anxiety?" asked a third envious user.

One person was just shocked that Jessica was willing to risk her health in order to get the perfect pic, writing: "I'm completely focused on her touching that train seat and handlebar and then touching her face and hair. She braved bacteria for a solid selfie and that's the real story here."

Of course, it didn't take long for Jessica to get wind of her viral fame. Thanking Ben for posting his video, she wrote: "I am overwhelmed by the kind words expressed by everyone and i just want to say THANK YOU to all, let's spread this positivity and continue to uplift one another... oh and [shout-out to] Ben for making my day."

As with the original video, once people found out who she was, her feed was inundated with people praising her.

One person said: "I'm gonna need you to lend me some of that confidence, because girl you killed it."

Another wrote: "Ur a legend keep being amazing."

While a third person added: "I just wanted to be confident like you, I can't take a selfie on times square with a lot of people doing the same thing as me. But you did it by yourself alone!!! Wow, congrats and you're beautiful btw."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Jessica George

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