The Things You Learn Being A Toilet Attendant

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The Things You Learn Being A Toilet Attendant

I've been working as a toilet attendant for over 15 years. In that time I've worked in all types of venues - and I've learned so much from being around different types of people.

I love to meet people, it gives me life! Being a toilet attendant is all about making people feel happy; making them feel safe in the environment I create.

And, of course, people want to freshen up! That's why I have perfume, deodorant, comb, brush, everything they will need. Everybody wants to look good everybody wants to smell nice.


When people come to the toilet, they want to enjoy themselves. The party doesn't have to stop in the toilet, so I sing songs with people to keep the vibes going. The guys tend to like rude songs - but they're too rude that I don't want to say!

When I'm working in a gender neutral toilet, I sing a song that connects with everyone, so that all the people feel included. It goes 'freshen up for everybody, my dear friends' - you know the tune, I'm sure!

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