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UK Cinemas Reveal How They Will Welcome People Post-Pandemic

UK Cinemas Reveal How They Will Welcome People Post-Pandemic

A trip to the cinema will look a little different from now on.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Life is slowly but surely returning to normal as the threat of the coronavirus pandemic weakens.

While everyone needs to remain vigilant to prevent a second wave from happening, people are starting to head back to pubs and restaurants.

Naturally, people will be keen to know how different venues and establishments plan to keep everyone safe and cinemas are no different.

Considering how people are usually tightly packed next to each other for at least an hour or two, it's understandable that people will want to know whether there will be systems in place to ensure everyone is safe.

UK Cinema Association boss Phil Clapp has outlined to Time Out what cinema goers will see when they go to watch the newest film.


For starters, there will be three empty seat spaces between each patron. You'll be able to sit with member of your family or household, however everyone else will be kept far apart.

Cinema staff at the check-in will be behind perspex screens and be wearing face masks. Cinema goers won't have to wear a face mask and there won't be mandatory temperature checks.

Sadly, there won't any Pick and Mix available as it's one of those high-touch aspects of going to the cinema. That will be soul crushing for some people, but we need to keep everyone's health as a top priority.

People won't be able to pay with cash and will have to purchase everything with contactless. There will be one-way systems in place to manage people coming in and out of the cinema. This will prevent people from running into each other as one film ends and another begins.

All customers are encouraged to book online to make sure there aren't loads of people loitering around in the lobby.

We'll have to be putting up with these measures for a while until the threat of coronavirus is well and truly over.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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