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​Viral Footage Shows Moment Man Fends Off Bobcat To Protect Wife

​Viral Footage Shows Moment Man Fends Off Bobcat To Protect Wife

Commenting on the ‘wild’ footage online, many Twitter users commended the incredible narrative arc of the clip

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Viral footage shows the moment a bloke managed to fend off a bobcat from his front driveway, launching the animal onto the lawn to protect his wife.

The video was shared on Twitter, where it has more than 200,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 73,000 times.

The post said: "This was a wild 46 seconds."

It is not known who the man is or where the incident took place - or what happened to the tray of what looks like some sort of cake that he'd been carrying - but I think we can all agree that the footage is certainly dramatic.

The video was filmed on a Vivint home security camera, and shows the man standing on the driveway by his car.


As someone jogs past, he raises his hand to wave to them, saying cheerfully: "Good morning!"

He then says: "We need to wash our car."

The man places the drink he's holding on the hood of his car, before going to place the mysterious tray into the back of the vehicle.

His wife then enters the bottom left of the screen, holding what appears to be a cat carrier.

All of a sudden, she starts running forward, holding the pet carrier aloft, as a bobcat springs up out of nowhere.


As she screams, her husband immediately stops what he's doing and rushes over to her - the scuffle partly concealed by the parked car.

We then see that the man has somehow managed to get hold of the bobcat, and holds it up before hurling it across the grass as another person (remember that jogger?) runs over to help, as both shout 'Get out!' and 'Go!' at the animal.

At one point the man exclaims: "I will shoot that f***er!"

He then warns others, shouting: "Watch out! Watch out! It's a bobcat, it attacked my wife."


Commenting on the 'wild' footage online, many Twitter users commending the incredible narrative arc of the clip.

One person wrote: "My favourite part about this bobcat video is that it starts with the man, with coffee in hand, giving a pleasant 'Morning!' to a neighbourly jogger... and then within 30 seconds he's yelling, 'I'M GONNA SHOOT THAT F***ER!!!'"

Another wrote: "My guy just won every argument with his wife for the rest of their marriage. 'Remember that time I pulled that bobcat off you? Mmhmm. YOU take the trash out.'"

Others were concerned about the fate of the tray he'd been carrying, with one saying: "Not one damn person concerned for the brownies? Smh cmon."

Another added: "RIP chocolate cake. His co-workers lost out on a break room snack. Damned bobcat."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Vivint

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