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​Woman Makes £1.8m On OnlyFans After Boyfriend Promotes Her

Jess Hardiman


​Woman Makes £1.8m On OnlyFans After Boyfriend Promotes Her

A woman has managed to make $2.5 million (£1.8m) on OnlyFans - having been encouraged to go for it by none other than her own boyfriend. He tells all in the video below:


Mia Karina, 20, joined OnlyFans in late 2019 after hearing about how much cash others had been able to make through the content subscription service.

Originally from Chile, Mia relocated to Malta to work in a hotel, where she was earning around €1,500 (£1,300/$1,800) a month.

It was there that she met her partner, Marc Howard, 24, who ended up suggesting OnlyFans as a new career route in the pricey country.

Credit: Mia Karina
Credit: Mia Karina

Mia, who is now based in Somerset, England, with Marc, told LADbible: "Marc went on holiday back to see his friends in the UK. His friend Jake first suggested the idea to him, saying his cousin was making around $2,000 (£1,450) a month from OnlyFans. This was in late 2019.

"At first I was curious when Marc mentioned it to me, but too shy to do it. As the weeks went on it was on my mind more and more. Life is not cheap in Malta and we needed the money.

"When I first started I didn't include my face or anything more than PG. However, after advertising on Instagram I gained my first 50 or so fans, and the money started coming in. That first month I made around $2,600 (£1,900)."

She continued: "For the first few months the money stayed around $3,000-$4,000 (£2,200-£2,900) a month. I was then invited on social media to join a networking group with other Onlyfans models, and that's when it really exploded.

"My earnings increased to $12,000 (£8,700) a month and kept going up. After lockdown hit though they went crazy.

"Now I make around $250,000 (£180,700) a month on average, which is around $55,000-$60,000 (£39,800-£43,400) a week.

"So overall I've made just over $2.5 million (£1.8m)."

Credit: Mia Karina
Credit: Mia Karina

Mia says the best thing about being on OnlyFans is 'being your own boss', and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while 'choosing your own schedule'.

Marc, meanwhile, admitted he did initially 'worry what people would think', but claims the set-up has actually made their relationship even 'stronger' - and even promotes her OnlyFans page on his own social media channels.

Mia's page is currently in the top 0.01% in the world. Credit: Mia Karina
Mia's page is currently in the top 0.01% in the world. Credit: Mia Karina

Marc, an MA International Development graduate who now works full time to help Mia with OnlyFans, said: "At first I did worry what people would think, and I didn't want to be seen as the bad guy in all this.

"I suggested the idea to Mia after my friend Jake told me about it but it was entirely her decision to create the page.

"What I want people to know is how hard she works for this money. For the past year she has been doing 12-15 hour days to manage the page and keep the fans coming etc. Her work ethic is above and beyond anything I'd ever seen in a person before.

"My family/ friends all know and they are respectful of it. A few of my friends expressed concerns originally but this is only natural to do so."

Credit: TikTok/@marcluts
Credit: TikTok/@marcluts

Stressing that the decision to start the page was 'Mia's alone', he continued: "At the start I would say there was a tiny bit of jealousy, but then I realised this isn't real life. This is a business first and foremost and you have to be completely professional.

"If anything, I would say that OnlyFans has made our relationship stronger as we spend more time together now and are able to work as a team to build something together."

Marc, who has ambitions to set up an international humanitarian charity which specialises in South America - which Mia hopes to invest in - said his friends still think the amount of money Mia is making is 'crazy' but adds they have 'benefited too'.

"Earlier this month we were all able to fly to Ibiza (it was on the green list at the time) to celebrate Mia's birthday, rent a villa, boat etc, and not have to worry," he said.

Marc added: "I've always been supportive of what she has done and always will be. I don't know for how much longer the OnlyFans hype will last, but for as long as it does I will be supportive."

While Mia said some fans can be 'disrespectful' and 'entitled', many are 'genuinely lovely' and considerate.

Credit: Mia Karina
Credit: Mia Karina

She added that she has also been encouraged by her 'supportive' friends, saying: "I think a few were shocked at first as I've always been a shy kind of person but a lot now see the funny side to it, and many of my girlfriends now have accounts themselves.

"You have to be professional and think this is for the future.

"Only some members of my family know and as most of my family is from South America they are generally more conservative and closed minded, which is why I have also set up a property company and have invested in crypto so I mainly mention that whenever asked."

She added: "I plan to keep going until I have made enough for the investments I want to make.

"I have invested in a financial advisor who is helping me invest my money in certain things. I currently own two HMO properties and have set up two UK limited companies. I have invested in Bitcoin and also in the stock market, with help.

"The idea is to eventually make passive income so I can slowly phase out OnlyFans and become more property focussed."

Featured Image Credit: Mia Karina

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Jess Hardiman
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