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Woman Who Allegedly Tried To Egg Prime Minister Scott Morrison Charged

Woman Who Allegedly Tried To Egg Prime Minister Scott Morrison Charged

A woman has been charged after allegedly trying to egg the Australian Prime Minister during an event in rural New South Wales.

Scott Morrison was mingling with the crowd after speaking at a Country Women's Association in Albury when the 24-year-old woman is accused of coming up behind the PM and trying to crack an egg over his head.


The woman's mission wasn't hatched to perfection because the egg slipped through her hands, bounced off ScoMo's head and landed on the floor - all without breaking.

That's one sturdy egg.

The woman was quickly led away by security and has since been hit with charges by New South Wales Police.

They've released a statement saying: "The Prime Minister was attending an event at Albury Entertainment Centre, when a woman approached him from behind and allegedly struck him with an egg to the back of his head.


"The Prime Minister's security team quickly detained the woman. During the incident a 70-year-old woman fell to the ground. No injuries were reported.

Credit: 7 News
Credit: 7 News

"The 24-year-old woman was arrested and taken to the Albury Police Station. During a search of the woman, police located cannabis.

"The Victorian woman was charged with common assault and possess prohibited drug."

She'll appear in court later this month. Why you'd allegedly attack the Prime Minister while having weed on you is beyond stupid but hey, this is the world we live in.

Mr Morrison spoke out after the incident, saying: "My concern about today's incident in Albury was for the older lady who was knocked off her feet. I helped her up and gave her a hug. Our farmers have to put up with these same idiots who are invading their farms and their homes.

"We will stand up to thuggery whether it's these cowardly activists who have no respect for anyone, or militant unionists standing over small businesses and their employees on work sites."

The protestor was led outside, where she was followed by journalists who asked her about her intentions.

"Have you seen his video to Manus Island?" she replied.

When reporters asked why she couldn't have done her protest peacefully, she said: "It was the most harmless thing you can do."

She was also questioned why Mr Morrison deserved to be egged and she added: "Just go on Google, follow his Twitter, whatever."

It's an interesting turn of events that this protestor has been charged but Will Connolly, the 17-year-old who successfully egged Senator Fraser Anning did not.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Channel 9

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