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OnlyFans Model Says Spending £500,000 In One Day Has Secured Her Future

Poppy Bilderbeck

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OnlyFans Model Says Spending £500,000 In One Day Has Secured Her Future

An OnlyFans model has revealed how she spent half-a-million pounds in just a single day.

While the outlook on being able to afford to buy your own home is looking bleak, with the cost of living soaring as a result of inflated energy prices and fuel and food prices too, content subscription service platform OnlyFans has helped 24-year-old Kelsey Johnson get in there early.

Kelsey, from Thurso, Scotland, took to the platform after growing tired of her jobs as a waitress, hotel cleaner and barber's assistant.

After a really successful month on OnlyFans, Kelsey was able to splash out on a series of luxury items all on the very same day amounting to a whopping total of £500,000 - a move she has reflected as having 'secured her future'.

Kelsey Johnson was able to spend a staggering £500,000 in just one day thanks to her OnlyFans earnings. Credit: Facebook
Kelsey Johnson was able to spend a staggering £500,000 in just one day thanks to her OnlyFans earnings. Credit: Facebook

In the space of just one day, Kelsey bought herself a new house, a Mercedes SUV, a hot tub and a special juicer which set her back £3,000 alone.

Speaking in an interview with The Scottish Sun, she said: "I work hard and don’t waste my money. But sometimes I do like the finer things in life and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself."

Kelsey explained her view that purchasing a house is a 'long term purchase': "Property is an investment at the end of the day."


She continued: "When I go out people sometimes try to have a go at me for what I do for a living. But when I think about what I’ve been able to buy at such a young age and to have secured my future, I know I’m making the right moves.

"It might sound crazy to spend half a million in one weekend. But if anything I’ll make more from what I’ve bought in the long term."

When questioned about what she thinks of her daughter's profession and purchases, Kelsey's mum, NHS worker Carol, explained how it 'never crossed [her] mind to be bothered about [Kelsey's] chosen profession'.


She noted: "I feel the same today as when she told me. It was Kelsey who was worried about me feeling uncomfortable and always told me to say she worked in media marketing if anyone asked."

Carol noted how she's always told her daughter to 'never be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed' about her OnlyFans account.

Carol reflected on how Kelsey's job has 'bought her a house, car, nice things' and taken her 'to some amazing places'.


The mum concluded: “She’s made so many achievements at such a young age and it's never changed her as she's still so humble and generous."

“And I'm so glad she’s been so sensible with her earnings in setting up a solid future for herself.

“Wouldn't any parent be proud seeing their child doing so well?"

Acknowledging some may view her £500,000 blow out as extreme, Kelsey explained she went 'a bit mad' because she had spent so long saving up and acting 'restrained' while living in her council house.


She concluded: "People say 'there's some things you can't buy' but I have the best group of friends and family so its irrelevant what strangers think of me anyway."

Featured Image Credit: Kelsey Johnson/Facebook

Topics: OnlyFans, UK News

Poppy Bilderbeck
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