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Passenger left horrified after she felt a cold tickle on her leg only to see it was a man's bare foot

Passenger left horrified after she felt a cold tickle on her leg only to see it was a man's bare foot

Planes have plenty of rules, including respecting the space of fellow passengers – although not everyone abides by them, it seems.

A woman travelling on an airplane was given the fright of her life when she got a not-so-subtle tickle from a foot under her seat.

Yes, some bloke sitting in the seat behind her thought he'd get comfortable by taking his shoes and socks off for the trip.

Unfortunately for the poor traveller, the chap's 'cold and bare' foot made contact with her.

She videoed the traumatising experience and posted it to TikTok where it has exploded and gone viral.

Planes can be funny old things.

You're all squished together, breathing the same air and confined to the extra small seat of whichever airline you have the pleasure of travelling with.

But not everyone sticks to those rules, of course – just ask Tivona.

Tivona, whose TikTok handle is ‘teatinz’, was on a plane recently when she felt something touch the backside of her leg.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a stray piece of luggage or even an emergency lifejacket – it was something far, far worse.

Upon looking down, Tivona saw man’s 'bare' foot poking out from under her seat.

At one point, rather hilariously, she actually zooms in on the bloke's cheesy toes before panning back to a stunned look plastered all over her face.

For the caption, Tivona wrote: “No way people actually do this. I’m flabbergasted”.

The clip itself has now been viewed more than 29 million times on TikTok alone.


It's quite an impressive feat (I know, I'll stop) when you think about it – the bloke must have been at least seven-foot-tall in order to reach that far ahead!

And it didn't take long for people to flock to the comments section to have their say on the matter.

One person said: "New fear unlocked."

While aother added: "This seems personal."

And a third joked: "Bro thought he was at home."

As the top comment read: "That’s gotta be a crime."

Meanwhile, others jokingly encouraged Tivona to retaliate.

“Hot coffee spill should sort it,” one TikToker said.

As a second quipped: “The way I would stomp on it so fast ‘sorry sir I thought it was a bug touching my leg!’”

We're not sure what airline this sticky situation took place on, but regardless of whether it's first class in Emirates or seat 53B with Jetstar, you should always keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, right?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/teatinz

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