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Passenger late for flight sees day get worse as he falls trying to climb gangway

Passenger late for flight sees day get worse as he falls trying to climb gangway

This passenger was having a really bad day and it got even worse

A very unlucky passenger had a torrid time trying to get on board his flight after he ended up being late and falling onto the runway.

He was reportedly trying to get on board a Ryanair flight from Malaga, Spain, to Fez, Morocco, when he missed the chance to board the flight.

Not deterred by a small detail like the plane being detached from the boarding tunnel (or whatever you call that thing), he instead tried to jump down onto the runway but ended up tumbling onto the tarmac.

Passengers on board the flight filmed the man as he tried to persuade the airport crew to 'bring me a ladder' before telling them 'no ladder, I'm coming down'.

The man tried to clamber down onto the runway by himself but appeared to lose his grip and fell, fortunately it looked like he landed on his backpack and was able to stand up without help.

The guy was having a nightmare, having shown up late for his flight, but he still tried to board the plane.

Aena, the Spanish airport operator, confirmed the incident had occurred in the past few days and said that the Civil Guard had dealt with it.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard said the police were called to the scene of the incident, identified the man, and reported him for breaking air safety rules.

He's now facing a hefty fine from AESA, the civil aviation authority in Spain, because it turns out that airports have some quite strict rules in place.

LADbible has reached out to the Civil Guard and AESA for further comment.

Astonished passengers on board the plane could do little but watch in amazement as he tried and failed to get on board.

On the bright side, it's not quite as catastrophic an attempt to get on board a flight as the guy who was late for his plane and called in a bomb threat at the airport so it would be delayed.

The man tried to climb down but ended up falling off.

Ajmeer Bhadraiah had already missed a flight earlier that day and the 59-year-old was then told he couldn't get on board another plane at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in India.

With the boarding gates closed to him, his terrible solution was to call in a bomb threat and demanded that the plane couldn't take off without him, admitting the whole thing was a hoax after he was hauled in for questioning.

As for the reason why he was so desperate to get on board a plane in the first place, it was because he was scared that his boss would be mad at him if he'd missed two available flights in one day.

The unlucky passenger must have been hoping that some other incident would delay the plane, like a cabin crew member accidentally opening a door on their first day and triggering the emergency inflatable slide.

Alas, he had no such luck.

Featured Image Credit: Solarpix

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