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Passengers Forced To Queue Outside At Chaotic UK Airport

Passengers Forced To Queue Outside At Chaotic UK Airport

'Thousands' waited outside to make it through security

Chaotic scenes at one of the UK's major airports saw 'thousands' of passengers queueing outside.

Holidaymakers at Birmingham Airport cut frustrated figures today (9 May) as they were left waiting hours to get through security.

Images shared on social media showed lines of passengers snaking outside into the drop off points.

Sam was travelling for work and said he and countless others were left queuing at 6am this morning.

"Thousands of people are queueing - from inside, all the way outside to the car park," he said. "There’s only one entry point as well. And very little security checks open."

Thousands queued up outside Birmingham Airport this morning.
BPM Media

Fortunately for Sam, he managed to make it through security by 8.30am, with just 10 minutes to spare before his flight was due to take off.

Speaking at 8.40am, another passenger, Matthew Broome, criticised the airport's management.

He said: "We’re waiting to leave now - should have left at 8.20am.

"I think it was a whole two hours queue for security - I had no bags and checked in online and only going to Edinburgh, so reckon you need three to four hours.

"At present, the airport can’t manage the number of flights/passengers, so think it should scale back and reduce what they do until have sorted staffing issues/processes.

"EasyJet also cancelled my return flight yesterday - so bad service with them. Train home tonight!"

Passengers say they were late for their flights.
BPM Media

But this isn't the first time the airport has seen long lines of passengers left waiting for hours.

Previously, management said issues were down to significant staffing problems.

Speaking about the delays, a spokesperson said around 7,500 people were booked to fly out early this morning, which led to the decision to run security queues outside.

And while they admitted the lines were 'long', they said they were 'managed and moving'.

The airport said: "Half of the 15,000 customers flying out of BHX today were booked to depart in our busy dawn peak, so we took the decision to run security queues outside the terminal to avoid them getting tangled with check-in lines.

Bosses say the delays were caused by staffing problems.
BPM Media

"Queues were long but managed and moving. We thank customers for their patience.

"As always, our message to departing customers is: Help us help you keep queues moving by removing any liquids, gels, pastes and electrical items from your bags before our security x-ray scanners."

Last week, airport chief executive Nick Barton told BBC Radio WM that a 12-week 'lag' between recruiting new employees and making them operational was a major cause of the chaos.

He said: "It's still the legacy of the industry being turned back on by the Government's removal of the rules in mid-February."

Featured Image Credit: BPM Media

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