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Pensioner Who Confronted Scott Morrison And Told Him To Stop His ‘Bulls**t’ Has ‘No Regrets’

Pensioner Who Confronted Scott Morrison And Told Him To Stop His ‘Bulls**t’ Has ‘No Regrets’

The 73-year-old has revealed why he roasted the PM so hard at the pub during what was meant to be a breezy photo-op.

Footage of Ray Drury tearing shreds off Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gone viral and the livid pensioner has explained why he did it.

The 73-year-old was filmed yelling and pointing in the face of the Aussie leader in a heated exchange at Newcastle's Edgeworth Tavern.

He told the PM that he's 'sick of [Morrison's] bulls**t'. 

Drury, who is battling cancer, sat down with regional news service NBN, to explain how he's sick of being ignored by the federal government over his inadequately-sized pension.

"When you're stewing up over 12 years, and are being rejected - not even listened to - well then of course I am going to take the opportunity," he told NBN News.

"I've got prostrate cancer, I've got asbestos tumours, and being just ignored by everybody. Why wouldn't I be upset? Every week I get $200 taken out of my pension.

"I've got a right to earn an income too."

Drury worked for three decades in the mining industry, and now lives off compensation after being exposed to harmful pollutants. 

But the 73-year-old claims he's lost out on more than $70,000 in payments after the government made deductions due to his Dust Disease Care workers compensation.

He told NBN he has spent years writing to MPs in the hope that the oversight would be fixed, but no action has been taken.

He did, however, say he would not stop fighting for his cause.

Meanwhile, the pub where that became the blistering battleground between Drury and the PM has been inundated with Aussies wanting to buy the pensioner a beer.

A spokesman for Edgeworth Tavern told Daily Mail Australia they've been trying to track Drury down 'because [they] want to start a tab for him'.

The 73-year-old man isn't the only one who had a crack at the PM during his pub stop-in.

A woman named Chantelle convinced Morrison to take a selfie - that was actually a video - in which she congratulated him 'on being the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had.'

Hours later, the video had gone viral and she took to Twitter to reveal what happened after her camera stopped rolling.

“He said thanks, then processed what I said and lost his smirk and turned his back on me,” she said.

She also added she 'never thought I’d get the chance to meet him' and that 'dreams do come true'.

“I’m kicking myself for not having a plan in place for this situation,” she wrote.

“It’s the best I could do on short notice.”

Featured Image Credit: NBN News

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