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People are trying to sell empty bottles of Prime Energy Drink for $35 in Australia

People are trying to sell empty bottles of Prime Energy Drink for $35 in Australia

As sales surge in Woolworths and Coles, some Facebook Marketplace sellers are charging almost $40 per bottle.

Right now, people are trying to sell empty Prime bottles for up to $35.

Many have taken to Facebook Marketplace to flog the controversial energy that has taken the world by storm.

Prices range from AUD $1 to $35 for just one bottle with nothing in it.

One Reddit user reacted to the prices, writing: “Impressionable kids ‘influenced’ by an internet 'celebrity' to part with their (parents) money.”

Another said: “It’s for hype beast idiots to waste their money on.”

While a third commented: “I can’t understand it. The hype for a f**king sports drink is unreal.”

Facebook/Ali Jaffarie

The drinks come with a usual retail price of just AUD $4.50, but with sales surging in Woolworths and Coles, other retailers charge up to $30 for a bottle.

And while the Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink sales have been through the roof, the beverage has copped a bit of flack as of late.

Just ask Gordon Ramsay.

In January, the three-star Michelin chef was handed a bottle of Prime for a tasting during his appearance on iHeart radio and he did not hold back.

Before even downing the concoction, Ramsay took a sniff and revealed: “Ohhhh, that smells high.”

He eventually took a swig, telling the radio hosts: “Oh, Jesus. It’s like swallowing perfume. What is it? I’ll send it to Nigella to cook her pork ribs in.”

He adds: “Could you imagine giving that to a French sommelier with his big French conk? Yeah, it’s like the sort of dregs of a sort of Gino D’Acampo tiramisu.

“What would I give it out of 10? A zero.”

Offft. Tell us why you really feel, chef.

Australian health experts have also condemned the drink for its high levels of caffeine.

As the maximum allowable amount of caffeine in a drink in the country is 32mg per 100 ml, and a can of Prime Energy has nearly double the amount, with 56 mg per 100 ml, experts have warned not to consume it in large quantities.

Dr Gina Trapp, head of food and nutrition research at the Telethon Kids Institute, told the Sydney Morning Herald that people should consider its side effects.

“The marketing of energy drinks (and Prime Energy) is highly attractive to young people,” Trapp said.

“Energy drink advertisements promise consumers improved energy, performance and concentration, thus young consumers may falsely believe that more is better and consume multiple servings – putting them at even greater health risk.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook Marketplace

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