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People Call For Energy Bill 'Strike' After Record Profits Celebrated By Companies

People Call For Energy Bill 'Strike' After Record Profits Celebrated By Companies

Record-breaking profits have been announced by companies that supply energy, even though we're in the midst of an energy crisis.

A campaign has started circulating urging people not to pay their energy bills when the next huge price hike arrives this October.

The anonymous campaign has come about after leading gas and oil firms have announced record-breaking profits this year, despite many suffering from the effects of the energy crisis, which came into play in April this year after significant price hikes made by suppliers.

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The 'Don't Pay' campaign is urging millions of people to say no to paying for their energy bills when the fees are hiked again in October this year.

The organisation's website explains how lots of people are already in trouble with the energy crisis and rising costs of living. It describes how it's negatively affected millions so far and will go on to affect many more if it's to continue. Some bill payers are even beginning to think about having to chose between affording their energy bills and affording other necessities such as food and clothing for their families.

“Even more of us will be angry about paying more than double what we used to pay for the same amount we use. Let alone food, petrol and mortgages,” says the website.

The scheme tweeted that their movement is 'a simple idea' and that the government should scrap the energy price rises and deliver affordable energy to all in the UK. Stating that, if the government and energy companies fail to act, they will cancel their direct debits.

The energy hike has already been dubbed an unwelcome and unnecessary addition by many, with the average annual household bills predicted to be around £3,800 by the start of 2023, according to The Independent. Earlier this month, millions of Brits were warned that energy prices could rise nearly 70 percent in October, with further increases expected amid fears that Russia will begin to reduce the amount of gas being supplied to Europe as backlash from sanctions.

Gas and electricity giants, like Shell BP, and British Gas have seen soaring profits over the past few months. Shell announced that their profits have skyrocketed to a record $11.5bn USD since the energy crisis was first recognised, while British Gas have increased their profits 500 percent so far during this time.

The Don't Pay campaign is asking for people to 'beat their profits with our people power'.

Featured Image Credit: Yau Ming Low/Andriy Popov/Alamy Stock Photo

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