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People feel bad for authors of a Liz Truss biography that's supposed to drop in December

People feel bad for authors of a Liz Truss biography that's supposed to drop in December

The book was going to chart her 'astonishing rise to power' but things have certainly changed in the last 24 hours.

Liz Truss has officially announced she's stepping down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

While some people might be celebrating the decision, you should pour one out for the two authors who are gearing up to launch their biography of the ex-Tory leader.

Harry Cole or James Heale are expecting to drop their book called Out of the Blue: The inside story of Liz Truss and her astonishing rise to power in early December.

They probably weren't planning on Truss stepping down after just 44 days in the top job.

People certainly feel bad that, after months of 'interviews with Truss’s friends and supporters, as well as her worst critics and rivals', it looks like the story might need a bit more work.

The blurb for the biography states: "She is the longest-serving member of the Cabinet, but Britain’s new prime minister is virtually unknown to millions of voters.

"Written off, mocked and undermined by even her closest colleagues, Liz Truss slowly but determinedly took over 10 Downing Street – only to see her administration plunged into chaos within days."

Heale and Cole started writing the book in August when she started looking likely to win the leadership contest against Rishi Sunak.

It was going to be Truss' first biography and was meant to chart her rise to power.

But, fear not. Not all is lost.

Heale has told Bloomberg they will go back to the writers room to add in an extra chapter to outline October and how she eventually came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be Prime Minister anymore.

The author said their book will be a 'definitive account of her entire time in Downing Street'.

He also said they will be changing the subtitle of the book by swapping out the word 'astonishing' and replacing it with 'explosive'.

Liz Truss decided to step down as British Prime Minister after realising she 'cannot deliver the mandate' that Tory members gave her a little over six weeks ago when she replaced Boris Johnson.

Just 24 hours after she described herself as 'a fighter, not a quitter', Truss delivered an address outside of No. 10 Downing Street to reveal she had informed the King she was resigning as Tory leader.

She will stay in office for a few more days while the Conservative party sorts out who will be the next leader and Prime Minister.

Featured Image Credit: HarperCollins. Belinda Jiao / Alamy Stock Photo

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