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People Are Praising Strong 'Miracle' Hayfever Tablets Available Over The Counter

People Are Praising Strong 'Miracle' Hayfever Tablets Available Over The Counter

Hayfever sufferers can't get enough of Allevia tablets but they're flying off the shelves too quickly.

It's hayfever season and that means it is a time of misery and woe for those who suffer from the irritating illness.

The hot weather has resulted in pollen levels spiking even higher than usual, making life hell for those hayfever sufferers who just can't abide the conditions.

For those who want to remember a time when their eyes didn't itch, their nose didn't run and they weren't sneezing all of the time, there are medications you can take to work around it.

According to Devon Live, the best one on the market is Allevia, which is apparently so popular that it's flying off the shelves at such a rate that it's out of stock in many places.

Hayfever sufferers are praising a 'miracle' cure, which is sadly running out.

It used to only be available after a prescription from a doctor, though these days it can be bought over the counter.

Obviously with much greater demand comes a larger strain on the supply, meaning many places are selling out of Allevia

One box of tablets can be picked up for prices ranging between £4-10 at retailers such as Boots and Asda, hardly a princely sum for those who really need to shift their hayfever symptoms, but it's finding them that's the problem.

This is what happens when people start praising the tablets as a 'miracle' cure for hayfever, with Yorkshire Live reporting that some sufferers have been trawling through supermarkets trying to find some.

Even those turning to the internet and ordering the tablets on Amazon Prime are having trouble getting fresh supplies, as even ordering on 'next day' delivery doesn't eliminate week-long waits.

The reason Allevia is being touted as this 'miracle' cure is because it's stronger than regular antihistamine tablets, which makes sense considering it used to be prescription-only medicine.

They're also less likely to make you feel sleepy than other antihistamine tablets, though feeling sleepy is still a common side-effect.

Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollen which is usually triggered when you get it in your mouth, nose, eyes and throat.

It's a common enough condition that affects around one in five people, though it usually gets a little easier to live with as you get older and for some hayfever sufferers the symptoms disappear entirely.

Hayfever can't be cured, but taking antihistamines really helps.

There is no known cure for hayfever and it's very difficult to avoid coming into contact with pollen, especially during the summer months.

Those who have it are best off finding a way to treat the symptoms, making antihistamine hayfever tablets a useful thing to have for those who suffer from symptoms.

At the very least it's a reason to be glad of the wonders of modern medicine, spare a thought for the rural peasants who had hayfever but couldn't do anything to treat it.

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