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Australian horrified after discovering highly venomous and massive snake in their bed

Australian horrified after discovering highly venomous and massive snake in their bed

Of course it happened in Australia.

The bedroom is meant to be a place of tranquility and of relaxation.

A place where you can rest up and chill.

When you've had a long day, the best this is crawling in between the sheets, closing your eyes and getting some much needed shut-eye.

However, can you imagine the shock and horror of waking up at some point during the night and discovering a snake was crawling through those very same sheets.

And we mean an actual snake here; get your mind out of the gutter.

Well, one homeowner didn't have to imagine it in their mind's eye because it happened to them in real-life.

Zachery from Zachery's Snake and Reptile Relocation says he was called to a property in Queensland after the property owner found an eastern brown snake sleeping with them.

Just so you're away, a brown snake is listed as the second deadliest in the world.

Adult brown snakes can grow up to two metres long and they are responsible for about 60 per cent of snake bites in Australia.

The snake is also responsible for more deaths from snakebite in Australia than any other species.

It can be found all over the eastern side of Australia, including South Australia, the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The venom can kick into a human's body in as little as two minutes, before a headache quickly takes over.

Death is usually due to a cardiac arrest.

So yeah, finding an eastern brown snake in your bed would be pretty horrific.

People who saw Zachery's post on Facebook seemed to think so as well.

One viewer said: "My mum would be running out of the house and down the road maybe not come back until she know if it is safe."

Another added: "Glad it was not in my bed I would have died of shock."

A third wrote: "This is literally my actual nightmare. CLOSE THE DAMN WINDOWS WOMAN."

According to the Daily Mail, Zachery says this brown snake was fairly feisty when he went in to retrieve it.

But, thankfully he was able to wrestle it and then pop it outside where it can roam the open world.

You can bet your bottom dollar that his homeowner would have been locking every single window and door into their place to prevent this from happening again.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Zachery's Snake and Reptile Relocation

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