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Piers Morgan's Twitter account taken down after hackers share sickening posts

Piers Morgan's Twitter account taken down after hackers share sickening posts

The hacker targeted various celebrities, the late Queen and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Piers Morgan's Twitter account has apparently been taken down after the outspoken journalist was hacked.

The incident took place over a 50-minute period during the early hours of this morning (27 December) and saw the hacker make a number of sickening posts from Morgan's account.

Piers Morgan's Twitter was hacked for almost an hour this morning.
Twitter / Ukraine Presidents Office

More than 100 tweets were sent during the attack, which began at 3:20 in the morning.

A number of false claims were made to its audience of more than eight million followers, beginning with a tweet that read: "BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Tate has been found shot dead in Dubai."

Tate subsequently responded to this post to confirm that he is still alive, writing: "Hard to kill."

Andrew Tate confirmed that he is still alive.
Twitter / cobratate

While Morgan himself has spoken highly of the monarchy, this was followed up by various offensive tweets about the late Queen, who was featured in Morgan's Twitter profile picture at the time.

Morgan also appeared to attack various celebrities and high-profile figures, telling the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to 'get a ******* haircut you ugly ***' and branding Ed Sheeran as a 'ginger *****'.

The hacker also tweeted about Somalia, at one point writing: "Please recognize the territorial integrity of Somalia. All this land belongs to the Somali people. #HandsOfSomalia #Somalia."

The account's name was also changed a number of times - at one point to 'Michael', then to 'lol' and an explicit variation of 'Piers ****'.

The hacker went on to threaten to expose DMs between the broadcaster and various celebrities, writing: "1k RT's and I'll leak DMs with high profiled celebrities [sic]."

This threat went down a storm with Twitter users who more than doubled the target number of retweets in 45 minutes.

The hacker threatened to leak Piers Morgan's DMs with celebrities.
Twitter / @piersmorgan

While the hacker's threat to leak celebrity DMs was seemingly largely not acted on, the account did appear to share direct messages between Morgan and Wimbledon star Andy Murray.

These messages were about the recently concluded World Cup and appeared to show Morgan saying after Lionel Messi's win: "Can't imagine how Ronaldo must be feeling."

Following the hack, staff at Twitter appeared to retake control of the account and the offensive messages have now been deleted.

LADbible have reached out to representatives for Morgan and Twitter for comment.

The account now appears to be inactive, although the name has been restored to Piers Morgan, but the profile picture and header are blank and all tweets have been removed.

Morgan himself is a controversial figure on Twitter, and frequently finds himself in hot water for his strong opinions.

A recent example of this came because of his criticism of Meghan Markle over her new Netflix series with Prince Harry, Harry & Meghan, which he described as being 'worse than Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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