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Pilot has heroic response to woman who ran to front of plane to try and be first one off at landing

Pilot has heroic response to woman who ran to front of plane to try and be first one off at landing

He even got a round of applause from the rest of the plane

A pilot had an absolutely heroic response to a woman who ran to the front of a plane to try and be the first one off after landing – having even prompted a round of applause for his efforts.

Look, none of us like being sat on a plane longer than we need to, especially if you're going cheap and cheerful on a budget airline, where legroom is just a mere pipe dream.

But it may come as no surprise to hear that the rest of the passengers on board are in the same boat. The couple behind you can’t wait to get to their all-inclusive, while the dad travelling solo with his one-year-old is desperate to stop the crying.

One woman got heads turning for all the wrong reasons when she decided she had to be first off a busy plane – much to the amusement of the pilot, who called her out in the most brilliant way.

Explaining what happened in a Reddit post last year, someone else who had been on board at the time said they’d all been on an eight-hour flight when the woman at the back ‘unbuckled and darted to the front of the plane to get off first’ just after they landed.

The plane had just landed when the woman shot to the front.

“She did not make any eye contact and felt that she was special,” the Reddit user said.

“I’m talking about going from the very last seat on the plane, down the whole row and past first class. Basically standing at the little kitchen thing in the front.

“All this time the seat belt sign was still on and we were still rolling down the runway. The flight crew had asked her to return to her seat until we reached the gate but she was not even responding.”

The Reddit user said everyone was ‘exhausted’ after the eight-hour flight and that ‘nobody said a word’.

They continued: “Suddenly the captain announced we had a special guest on board and he will be coming out to greet after we were settled at the gate.

“The Karen stood there awkwardly until we did the whole, rolling into the gate and whatever planes do when they land for about 15-20 mins.”

Everyone was just sat in their seats wondering what the captain was talking about.

“Eventually the captain came out and asked the lady to please move back a little to get to his special guest, then a little more,” the Redditor said.

“Then a little more. He was looking from row to row trying to find a specific person. Everyone is watching and looking around to see who it could be.”

The captain kept going, asking the woman to step back a few more steps each time.

Everyone else was still sat in their seats.
Nick Zigic/Pixabay

As they approached the rear of the plane, he asked her to sit for a second while he grabbed the intercom at the back.

He then said: “Ladies and gentlemen I’d like to announce our special guest sitting in seat 42C. Let’s give her a round of applause."

The Reddit user said the whole plane went ‘wild with laughter and applause’, adding: “I loved every moment of that.”

Some people defended the woman, with one saying 'some people just aren't good with flights', adding: "I had to do a brief 35 minute connecting flight last weekend and it was a smooth trip, no turbulence, etc., but I still ended up incredibly nauseous (to the point of sweating), because I get such bad motion sickness. It’s great that it’s 'literally nothing' to you, but not everyone has the same easygoing attitude as you when it comes to flying - and that’s ok."

But others sided with the Reddit user - one saying: "I f**king hate these people."

Someone else said: "I have a Tshirt that says, 'STOP STANDING UP WHEN THE PLANE LANDS.' People either love it or don't get it."

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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