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Aussie police arrest 100-year-old woman to tick it off her bucket list

Aussie police arrest 100-year-old woman to tick it off her bucket list

Ex-nurse Jean Bickenton decided to have a spicy birthday bash after admitting she had never been drunk or arrested in her life.

Victorian Police have arrested a 100-year-old woman - but trust us, it's not what you think.

This is not a case of nana gone rogue. It was so Ex-nurse Jean Bickenton could finally cross it off her bucket list.

The birthday girl celebrated her big day while living life on the wild side as police officers interrupted the woman's party to detain her, fulfilling her lifelong wish.

While some grandmas long for a scented candle or a letter from the Queen when they reach this milestone, Jean is bucking the trend.

The Victorian woman, who worked as an army nurse for decades, admitted to Daily Mail that she had never ‘been drunk’, ‘arrested’, lost her driver’s license nor had a run-in with the law. Better late than never.

So, we can see why this law-abiding citizen wanted to spice things up for her birthday bash.

Ms Bickenton had mock handcuffs placed on her as she was wheeled out of Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care.

She told the outlet: “I was surprised they were quite soft. They were too big for me anyway.”

Police also revealed via Facebook that Jean showed ‘little restraint’ and ‘willingly obliged’, showing more enthusiasm than a hen at a raunchy bachelorette when confronted by 'law enforcement'.

Upon hearing the 100-year-old’s birthday wish, police revealed that they were eager to make it come true.

Once they arrived at the aged care facility, police informed the other residents of the birthday plan to ensure that no one was in legitimate trouble.

They wrote in part: “So, when we heard of Jean’s wishes, our team at Moe station were ready to step in and help check it off.

They added: “According to Jean it was one of the best celebrations, and we’re glad we could help grant the experience. Wishing Jean a wonderful 100th birthday!”

Many users were heart warmed by the touching story as one person wrote: “Happy Birthday, you little rebel Jean. And thank you to Vic Police for ticking another thing of her list. A great present indeed. Congratulations.”

Another commented: “That is real community policing, well done.”

A third person said: “Vicpol you have made an elderly lady very happy by her smile. Well done all.”

While another shared: “Cant wait till my 100th! Almost 80, so a little way to go. How special. Well done police.”

And honestly, we don’t know how Jean will top her birthday next year. Maybe a tramp stamp will do?

Featured Image Credit: Victorian Police / Facebook.

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