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Heartbreaking moment police dog attends funeral for its owner who was killed in the line of duty

Heartbreaking moment police dog attends funeral for its owner who was killed in the line of duty

The beloved dog of a slain Aussie police officer killed in the line of duty walked behind her coffin after her heartbreaking farewell.

The beloved dog of a murdered Queensland police officer has walked behind her coffin following her public memorial service in Australia.

Blue heeler Archibald was the four-legged best friend of Constable Rachel McCrow.

The 29-year-old and fellow cop Constable Matthew Arnold were killed in an ambush on December 12 by Nathaniel Train, his brother Gareth and Gareth’s wife, Stacey.

Archibald at the funeral.

The trio attacked the police officers when they showed up at their Wieambilla property in rural Queensland, which ended in a violent siege that cost McCrow and Arnold their lives.

Archibald the blue heeler arrived at the memorial service in the back of a police car, where he was sitting alone and had his his head poking out of the window staring at mourners, reports.

He was clad in the police colours of blue and white and sat in the front row at the public memorial.

There were around 8,000 people who attended, including Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

7News reports Queensland police chaplain Jeff Baills said the ambush that led to Arnold and McCrow’s death was an act of 'absolute evil'.

"What happened on December 12 was un-Australian and does not belong in this country,” he said.

"It was abhorrent. It was not of God. It was absolute evil. This barbaric act has shocked our community, and it’s irreparably damaged the Arnold family and the McCrow family.

"While we grieve today, we will not be broken.

"Rachel and Matthew were just doing their job that day, and the McCrow and the Arnold families paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"And while Rachel’s and Matthew’s lives were taken in the most cowardly way, the events of December 12 will call us together with the resolve of police and community to uphold the greater good of justice, of freedom and of family."

Family friend of Constable Matthew Arnold, Laura Harriss, said they are 'so proud of the man he became', as per 7News.

"I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. That is something that will forever haunt me," she said.

"You deserved so much more from the public you lived to protect.

"May your name and memory never leave the mind of others."

Featured Image Credit: ABC. The Queensland Police Union of Employees/Facebook.

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