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Police offer £200,000 for Olivia-Pratt Korbel's killer, Britain's biggest ever reward

Police offer £200,000 for Olivia-Pratt Korbel's killer, Britain's biggest ever reward

Olivia Pratt-Korbel, 9, was shot and killed by a gunman after they broke into her family's home in Kingsheath Avenue, Dovecot

Crimestoppers is offering £200,000 for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel, in what happens to be the biggest single reward offer in the charity’s history.

Olivia Pratt-Korbel, 9, was shot and killed by a gunman after they broke into her family's home in Kingsheath Avenue, Dovecot on August 22.

The charity’s founder Lord Ashcroft said: “This case has been incredibly shocking, not just for those who are directly affected, but also for Liverpool and the nation as a whole.

“I am delighted that with the support of a private donor, Crimestoppers can now offer a record £200,000 for information to catch Olivia’s killer.”

Merseyside Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen said: “I recognise that people will wonder and question why no one has been charged despite those arrests. 

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“If I could reassure you that this is normal practice in any complex investigation, the threshold for arresting somebody is far lower than that of charging someone. Please be patient with us. The investigation is progressing. 

“The detectives involved in bringing justice for Olivia and her family are working tirelessly with real care and passion to achieve the objective of securing those charges against everyone involved in her murder. No matter how small their role.”

Police who are working on the case say they have worked more than 15,000 hours, whilst looking through thousands of hours of CCTV and investigated more than 400 piece of intelligence passed on by the public.

The funeral of the nine-year-old took place on Thursday, September 15 outside St Margaret Mary's Catholic Church in Knotty Ash.

A heartbreaking eulogy was read out by Olivia's mum Cheryl Korbel, 46, as hundreds watched on.

The mother's full eulogy read: "There are many stories and tales I could stand here and tell you all about our Liv, but I'm sure you will all have many of your own so I'll just share a few words and memories from us about Liv. On Thursday 13 June 2013 weighing just 4lb 2oz my beautiful baby girl Olivia was born.

"She was six weeks early and spent nine days in the special baby unit. She was so small, yet even as a newborn she had her own mind and was not waiting until her due date because she knew she had to go meet her Auntie Charlie before she gained her angel wings.

"As Olivia grew we quickly realised she was very independent, even as a toddler she wanted to do things for herself with no fear. She would choose her own clothes even if they didn't match.

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"Although she loved sparkle and glitz she would never go overboard. She was very particular, even down to her socks. They couldn't be too long or too low, they needed to sit just perfect.

"Olivia was very chatty and bubbly, and would talk for England to the point we thought she had Duracell batteries inside her somewhere. Anyone's house she went to she was comfortable enough to kick her shoes off and make herself comfortable.

"But her priorities was to always ask where the make-up was, especially Auntie Toni's as she was spoilt for choice with six girls living there. Olivia loved to sing and dance. She would always be singing along to songs she enjoyed, especially when we would be driving in the car and would always be in charge of the CD player.

"Olivia also had a great imagination, she was playing with her friends and family members to which they would recognise themselves when she would mimic and impersonate them. Even down to her teachers at school.

"Olivia knew exactly how to wrap people around her little finger to get what she wanted, especially her brother Ryan and sister Chloe. She would often just give them her cheeky smile and they would give in instantly.

"She loved to play tricks on people and could be mischievous, but there was a softer, caring, side to Liv. She loved animals especially her dog Gizmo and parrot Oli.

"Poor Gizmo would be wrapped in a blanket and put in her pram, she would then push him around the house as if he was her baby. But when her twin cousins were born, Ivy and Amelia, she had her very own real babies to mother.

"She loved to think she was the adult and boss everyone about, including Holly and Hattie her two best friends. She would have made a great lawyer as she had an answer for everything.

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"There were many times she would amaze me with the answers she would give back, and I would have to remind her how old she was. This was often when we would see her sassy diva side.

"Liv loved to pose and have her photograph taken and if she didn't like it she would make you delete it and take it again. Then she learned how to take selfies of herself.

"Our Liv loved to tale on other people, she was very quick to tell you if they had done something wrong. We would often be saying to her 'snitches get stitches' but she would never tell you if she did something wrong.

"Liv would come home from school and tell me all about the other children in the class playing up, I would remind her that she should give the teachers a chance to do their job and not do it for them.

"Liv was never shy in asking Amy's dad if she could go to their house to play, she had a habit of putting us on the spot, but then again Liv was never shy of asking anyone of anything. Liv touched so many peoples hearts and was loved and adored by everyone.

"She will never be forgotten. So us and I will never say goodbye.

"But what I will say is goodnight. Love you, see you in the morning, mwah."

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