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Pauline Hanson Fuming After A One Nation Truck In Tasmania Was Set On Fire

Pauline Hanson Fuming After A One Nation Truck In Tasmania Was Set On Fire

Depending on who you voted for on the weekend, you're either happy or sad. The Liberals staged a stunning comeback, largely thanks to voters in Queensland, and upset what many thought was going to be a big Labor win.

But the election wasn't just blue versus red, with smaller parties and Independents challenging some strong seats.


Eyes were focused on Pauline Hanson's One Nation and Clive Palmer's United Australia Party to see whether they'd get a look in for this election. Ms Hanson's party only received three percent of the vote and Palmer appears likely to get no seats at all.

But it seems like one of Pauline's candidates in Tasmania had a bit more to worry about than votes.

The One Nation leader posted a video of Adam Lambert's (the politician not current front man of Queen) campaign vehicle on fire.

She's taken to Twitter to write: "Our One Nation truck in Tasmania was parked outside a shop while our candidate was buying groceries. Someone was seen torching it before fleeing.


"It is amazing how the left call for tolerance but act like they're above the law when you don't agree with their ideologies."

Police have confirmed they're investigating the incident, adding that the blaze is being treated as suspicious. According to the ABC, people nearby said they heard what they described a petrol bomb exploding just before the vehicle fire started.

Mr Lambert posted a video to Facebook showing how he'd stepped into the shopping centre to buy flowers and came out to see all the commotion.

"The way I figure it is, if you don't like us, don't vote for us. But to those magnificent voters that have voted for us, this is a little bit more encouragement and why we have to work a bit hard for you guys next time," he said.

Ms Hanson took to Facebook later to speak about the election result.

"Thank you to everyone who showed their support yesterday to our One Nation team," she wrote.

"While the results in the lower house have determined a Liberal/National Government, they haven't yet finalised the Senate vote.

"We won't have those results for another week or two, but it's looking very likely that Malcolm Roberts will return to the Senate in Queensland.

"It's hard to know precisely where we sit in all other states across the country, but I'm also hopeful Peter Georgiou is returned in Western Australia.

"Patience is the key to Senate counting process, but time will tell."

It appears the Coalition will be able to form a majority government with pollsters tipping the Liberals and Nationals to have 77 seats.

Featured Image Credit: Pauline Hanson

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Stewart Perrie

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