Swingers Party Organiser Feels Awful After Dozens Test Positive For Coronavirus
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Scott Morrison Urges People To Pray For Australia During Hillsong Event

Scott Morrison Urges People To Pray For Australia During Hillsong Event

Australia's Prime Minister has received a standing ovation by thousands of people attending a Hillsong event in Sydney's south.

Scott Morrison was brought on stage to lead a prayer, where he asked the Big Man to look out for the country's most vulnerable.

"Lord, we pray for all of those veterans in our country who are doing it tough," he told the roughly 20,000 people who were packed into the Pentecostal gathering - which is one of the largest in the world.

"We pray for young people who think about suicide and we pray Lord that you will break the curse of suicide.


"We proclaim it with veterans, we proclaim it with young people, we proclaim it with middle age people going through difficult trials, people suffering from mental health, we pray for remote Indigenous communities, young boys and girl...and we pray for all those families who live with disabilities...we pray you will give them peace and an avalanche of love.

"Lord, we pray for our country and thank you for it. But more than anything else, we thank you for Jesus and his love."

As he wrapped up, he added that he'd love God to provide Australia with a bit of rain.


When asked what Aussies should be asking the Lord for, the PM replied with: "Our nation needs more prayer, more worship. That's how things are overcome."

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Scott Morrison Unveils New Plan To Encourage People To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

You'd think that hard work and dedication is how things get done in the country, but maybe thoughts and prayers is what's really needed.

It comes at a time where Australia's politicians are preparing a Religious Freedoms Law, which essentially allows people to live with their faith without being discriminated against.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Scott Morrison Urges People Not To Attend Black Lives Matter Protests In Australia

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If it gets approved, it would prevent another saga like the Israel Folau scandal.

Scott Morrison said it's important for him and everyone with a religious faith to be able to express it fully.

"I speak about my faith with Jenny because I want everyone in this place to feel comfortable about talking about their faith in this country. It's not a political agenda, it's just who we are, it's who you are," he said.

"The freedom to believe is so important, that needs to be nourished and that needs to be protected. What this country needs more than that is the love of God.


"It's not the laws that make freedom of religion work, it's the culture that accepts it."

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