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What you need to know when you're voting in the Voice to Parliament referendum this weekend

What you need to know when you're voting in the Voice to Parliament referendum this weekend

October 14 is fast approaching, so plan ahead of the big day!

The last time we had a referendum was in 1999.

And to all of you Gen Zs and millennials, most of you were either unborn or too young to vote.

So, here’s a few things you need to know before the big day.

First of all, what is the point of this referendum?

Well, this referendum is for Australians to vote if the Albanese government should enact a parliamentary role for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, giving them a more vocal role in legislation: a ‘First Nations Voice to Parliament’.

Secondly, the referendum is fast approaching, as it will be happening on Saturday, October 14, with polls open from 8am to 6pm.

But if you’re trying to locate a polling location near you, be sure to head here.

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With the AEC's 'Where Can I Vote?' tool., you can also discover polling place opening hours, accessibility services and directions.

Early voting has already opened up for those unable to vote on the 14th.

But Australian electoral commissioner Tom Rogers said those still needing to vote should plan ahead.

“Federal referendums are in-person events just like elections. This is the first time the country is coming together in nearly a quarter of a century to have their say on potential constitutional change,” he said.

“If you can vote on October 14, then that’s what you should do.

“However, if your circumstances might prevent you from doing that, then you need to think about the early voting options available and vote according to your circumstances.”

And you might just want to get there early, as the Indigenous voice referendum will see the largest number of eligible Australians on the electoral roll.

The electoral commission said 97.7 per cent of eligible Australians are enrolled to vote, an increase of more than 447,000 people from last year’s federal election.

According to the latest Guardian Essential poll, the Voice to Parliament could be set for a defeat, with results showing 48 per cent intend to vote no and 42 per cent yes.

However, Education Minister Jason Clare said there’s still time for the ‘Yes’ campaign to succeed.

“This is not a Labor idea, this is not a Liberal idea. This is the idea of Indigenous Australians asking us to work with them, asking us to listen, holding out their hand,” he told Sky News.

“Australians have got a choice in the few weeks: to shake that hand or slap it away.”

Featured Image Credit: Chris Hopkins / The Age via Getty Images. James Elsby/Getty Images

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