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Protester dumps human faeces and waste all over Sir Captain Tom's memorial

Protester dumps human faeces and waste all over Sir Captain Tom's memorial

The protestor has said we are 'forcing our civilisation into collapse'

A protestor from ​​End UK Private Jets has dumped faeces and urine onto a memorial to Captain Sir Tom Moore. 

In footage shared on the End UK Private Jets social media pages, 21-year-old Maddie Budd could be seen approaching the memorial, which is shaped like the late British Army officer turned fundraiser, in Thistley Meadow, in Hatton, Derbyshire, carrying a large container. 

Wearing a t-shirt with the message End UK Private Jets across the front, Budd stands on a crate and pours the grim mixture all over the memorial. 

In a statement following the incident, Budd has said that every time a UK private jet takes off it ‘pours a bucket of s**t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for’.

​​End UK Private Jets

Budd, former medical student from Wales, said: "People are going to say that he's a hero, people are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I agree.

“I was studying to become a doctor because I believe in taking care of people. If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe that NHS workers are doing essential work, why are forcing our healthcare system into collapse, why are we forcing our civilisation into collapse, why is basically no-one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?

“All of this is true and the Government won't even End UK Private Jets, every time one takes off, it pours a bucket of s**t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for.”

Captain Tom Moore passed away last year.
Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo

According to the group, End UK Private Jets is asking for an end to luxurious carbon emissions, starting with the most luxurious and unnecessary emissions in the UK, by ending UK Private Jets.

A spokesperson for the group told LADbible: "Captain Tom is a symbol of doing a good thing in hard times. He did so much good. And every time a private jet takes off, everything he stood for, all the good he did, is getting s**t all over.

"The NHS will collapse if there’s no food, water or if the beds are filled up with millions of bodies. Words don’t come close to describe what this looks like. Maddie’s action doesn’t come to close to describe it. "Doing what maddie did to captain toms memorial is disrespectful and what she did doesn’t even come close to the disrespect of letting climate collapse happen. If we really care about captain Tom and what he stood for, why are we sending our NHS, law and order, safety and freedom into permanent collapse. 

"Unimaginable collapse is coming and the Government won’t even End UK Private Jets."

Just ahead of his 100th birthday, Captain Tom made headlines around the world in 2020 when he set about his mission to complete 100 laps of his garden in an attempt to raise money for NHS Charities during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

He originally set a goal of £1,000, but ended up raising a staggering £32.79 million. 

Captain Tom’s incredible fundraising efforts earned him a knighthood from the Queen in July 2020, and he was appointed an honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College. He also scored a number one single after he featured on a cover of 'You’ll Never Walk Alone'. 

He passed away aged 100 on 2 February, 2021.

Featured Image Credit: End UK Private Jets / REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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