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Pub owner unplugs extension lead belonging to customer charging three devices at once

Pub owner unplugs extension lead belonging to customer charging three devices at once

It's a sign of the times

In what can only be described as a true sign of the times, a pub owner made the headlines this week for unplugging a customer's extension lead charging three devices at once.

There's no denying times are tough right now – though there has been a freeze on the planned energy price cap hike next month, bills are still sky high.

So it's no surprise that incidents like this will pop up every now and then.

It all started when a customer stopped by at Oscars Cafe Bar in Dublin. After ordering one drink, they proceeded to whip out an extension lead, plug in their phone, laptop and tablet and sit nursing that drink for four and a half hours.

Owner Ronan Flood was having none of it and after realising what was going on, he waited for the customer to go to the loo before cutting him off.

Ronan explained that he unplugged the lead when he was away from the table to avoid getting into a spat about it.

Taking to Twitter to share a picture of the person's setup, he said: "Seen it all now. Customee [sic] sits for 4.5 hours and plugs 3 devices into his own plug board. Ireland 2022 summed up in 1 image #whatenergycrisis #cheeky."

Though some people defended the energy user, others agreed with Ronan's actions, with one writing: "That was a bit much."

"It's akin to stealing in plain sight," said another, while a third added, "That’s abusing a situation."

One person who defended the customer wrote: "I see yous had a respectful conversation and he went on his way.

"Although it’s bad, he didn’t seem to cause and issue to the owner. If he made a fuss then I get the post but if he was grand about it, don’t see the reason for posting this."

The last comment appears to refer to a recent interview of Ronan's in which he spoke to Newstalk's Lunchtime Live show about the predicament.

"I plugged the extension out at the wall thinking that the guest would take the hint," he explained.

"I headed off to one of the other bars, and I came back and the same guest was still sitting there with the devices plugged in.

"In fairness, he had got a second drink – but it was like 'Ah here, 4.5 hours this is a bit much'.

"I went down to the customer and just said to him that 'This is excessive use of our electricity, you're kind of taking the proverbial with the plug board'.

"I just asked him to put the plug board away."

The incident unfolded at Oscars Cafe Bar in Dublin.
Google Maps

When the customer asked if this meant he had to leave the bar, Ronan said he replied: "You're welcome to be in the bar, but not if you're excessively using our electricity."

After a 'mutually respectful conversation', the punter picked up his belongings and left – presumably to find somewhere else to charge his devices.

Although that's understandable given the times, pubs too are feeling the strain of the cost-of-living crisis.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Oscarscafebar/Google Maps

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