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What Are Qantas' Rules For Mask-Wearing During A Flight?

What Are Qantas' Rules For Mask-Wearing During A Flight?

Qantas has recently updated their rules on wearing a mask during a flight.

As the June and July holiday period approaches, it’s important to stay up to date with the mask mandates and other travel precautions that different countries and airlines are imposing (and constantly updating). 

Following a three-year, Covid-19 shaped barrier to international travel, new rules and precautions on mask wearing, vaccinations and other coronavirus-related obstacles might seem overwhelming to those who haven’t set foot outside Australia since 2019. 

Qantas - Australia’s largest international airline - has recently axed mandatory mask requirements for a select few international flights.

What are Qantas’ new rules?

Following an internal memo that circulated Australian news offices, Qantas no longer requires masks to be worn by crew or passengers on selected direct flights to the US, UK and Italy. 

After flagging late last week the potential for the eradication of some mask requirements, Qantas has moved to clarify some of the specifics.

For flights from Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales to the United Kingdom, United States and Rome, passengers and crew are no longer required to wear masks during the flight.

However, in line with the Australian mask mandates still in place, masks are still required on all domestic flights, as well as all inbound flights to Australia.

Outlining their approach to Covid-19 safety on their Fly Well page, Qantas has detailed the coronavirus precautions that have been implemented in all stages of your travel experience.

This includes inside the airport, at the lounge, at the departure gates and on board the plane.

As travel anxiety consumes many jet-setting Australians these holidays, it is helpful to know that airlines are installing many measures to ensure travellers feel the safest they can, and able to enjoy their long awaited holiday to wherever they like.

Featured Image Credit: TRISTAR PHOTOS / Alamy Stock Photo

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