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The Queen Is Looking For Someone To Paint Buckingham Palace

The Queen Is Looking For Someone To Paint Buckingham Palace

But the salary is less than that of the average painter and decorator in the UK.

It’s easy to forget the Queen is a human being like everyone in the UK (albeit with a helluva lot more money). 

As such, she’s now looking for someone to paint her gaffe. But anyone who lands the job shouldn’t expect to be paid in gold - apparently the salary is less than that of the average painter and decorator in the UK

The 40-hour per week job, which involves painting Buckingham Palace and other buildings within the estate, is offering £28,000 to £30,000 depending on experience.

But according to Reed, the average salary for a painter and decorator in the UK is £31,201 - a grand higher than the royal position. 

Queen Elizabeth II.

That said, the job description doesn’t sound too bad, saying it’s just ‘adding the decorative finishes’ to the property. 

Per the official listing: “Joining a small team that provide both internal and external redecoration services across various Royal residences, you'll make sure that all decorative works are completed to the highest level of finish.

“Covering a number of buildings across the London Estates, you'll carry out inspections and identify rooms that need your attention, before making sure they are expertly renewed and fit for purpose.

“Working in such uniquely historic environments means you'll have the opportunity to expand your existing skills. 

“You'll regularly handle specialist wall coverings, sign-writing and use specialist paint finishes, such as marbling and gilding.

“Playing an essential part within the Property team, you'll also help solve day-to-day maintenance issues that arise, and assist with preparation work for State, Ceremonial or Official Functions.


“In all that you do, you'll aim for the highest standards. After all, the results of your hard work will be seen by thousands.”

It would certainly be an interesting one to add to the CV. 

We should point out that whoever lands the position won't be working directly for the Queen, especially since this year she made the decision to move out of Buckingham Palace to make Windsor Castle her full time residence.

The job appears to be a part of the £369 million renovation of the palace, which caused uproar when it was announced back in 2016. 

Since the money used to makeover the property comes out of the taxpayers' pockets, a petition was launched calling on the royal family to pay for it themselves. 

Mark Johnson, who set up the online petition, wrote at the time: "I'm all for protecting Buckingham Palace, but at a time when the public purse is so pressured?

"On a day that temperatures dropped overnight, when the elderly are freezing in their homes and children have damp mould on their bedroom walls, to fund it publicly is something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

"It's up to the royal household how they fund it privately, I don't think it will be hard to find the money, not as hard as it would be for the NHS to fund."

Although thousands of people signed the petition, it seems the renovation is still going ahead, £30k of which will go to whoever gets the painting and decorating job.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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