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Moment Tesco shoppers were informed of Queen's death by Tannoy announcement

Moment Tesco shoppers were informed of Queen's death by Tannoy announcement

TikToker Liv was in Tesco when she found out that the Queen had passed away

A TikToker managed to capture the moment she and other Tesco shoppers found out about the Queen’s death via Tannoy announcement, with footage showing the National Anthem being played to baffled customers. Watch the video here: 

Many people will remember where they were when they discovered that Queen Elizabeth had died on Thursday 8 September, when the Royal Family confirmed that she had passed away ‘peacefully’ at her home in Balmoral. 

For some, the announcement came as they were picking up groceries – including TikToker Liv (@livgrayyay), who shared a video of the moment, writing: “Rip Queen Glizzy you would have loved Tesco playing your song.” 

She added in the on-screen caption: “POV you’re in Tesco and the Queen has just died.” 

Liv was in Tesco when she found out.

The clip showed her shopping in Tesco as the National Anthem played on the speakers. 

A voice can then be asking her what’s going on, to which Liv replies: "The Queen's just died." 

The fellow shopper, clearly shocked, adds: “No!” 

Another person can then be heard saying: "We think, yeah." 

Liv continued to explains: "Yeah, they've just announced he is King now. She is gone." 

The other shopper cuts in: "King Charles, they just said." 

The group then take a moment to listen to a few seconds of the song in revered silence, before Liv ends the video, saying: “Aww.” 

She had to break the news to another shopped.

The video has since racked up 2.9 million views and 354,000 likes, along with more than 1,000 comments. 

“This is the most British interaction,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “If I heard this music in Tesco I’d assume I was having a very vivid lucid dream.” 

Others also shared where they had been when they heard the news – with any of the circumstances sounding equally surreal. 

One commented: "I was in Tescos too and someone shouted she’s dead." 

Someone else recalled: "Oh I work at Asda and it just went silent and some lady started scream crying." 

Meanwhile, those flying in the air without access to the internet would have been oblivious to the huge breaking news on the ground concerning the death of Queen Elizabeth II - with cabin crew having to share the announcement during a flight from

New York City to London Heathrow.

Tributes for the late queen.
Richard Milnes/Alamy Stock Photo

In footage, a staff member could be heard telling travellers: "The Queen passed away earlier today with her family by her side.

“I thought at the moment I should at least tell you that before you arrive at the terminal, because I know many will be very, very sad about this.

“It will give you some time to reflect because we have 40 minutes before landing. We will all be thinking about her family in this time.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@livgrayyay

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