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Royal fans queueing to queue to see the Queen's coffin is being called 'most British thing ever'

Royal fans queueing to queue to see the Queen's coffin is being called 'most British thing ever'

"Queuing for a queue is the most British thing there has ever been"

In what's been described as the 'most British thing ever', people have been spotted 'queueing to queue' in order to get a glimpse of the Queen's coffin.

It's no secret that Brits love a good queue, but even by UK standards the long-running tradition has reached dizzying new levels amid the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Thousands of people from across the globe have descended upon Westminster Hall where the late Royal lies in state for mourners to come and pay their respects.

Some hardcore royalists even slept on the streets for two nights so that they could be the first people to catch a glimpse of the casket.

While officials have put measures in place for crowd control, it appears they're still overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people - some of whom are now 'queuing to queue'.

In an update posted earlier today, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport announced Southwark Park had 'reached capacity' and therefore the queue had been closed for 'at least six hours'.

Despite the warning, visitors were still turning up in their droves to join what has been dubbed 'the queue to join the queue'.

Sharing a photo of the crowds, one Twitter user wrote: "Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the queue for The Queue."

Another said: "Queuing for a queue is the most British thing there has ever been," to which a commenter replied: "Will the film of it be a prequeuel?"

A segment on today's BBC news programme highlighted the issue when a reporter said those who have joined the line are still in for an estimated 14 hour wait.

After describing how the queue is now at capacity, the newsreader says: "What happens to the people who are turning up there now who have made their way down there and cannot get into the queue.

"We don't know yet. Will there be a queue to join the queue?"

The whole saga has drawn in a mixed reaction online, with some people critical of those who are willing to spend hours upon end waiting to see the coffin for a few seconds.

"Imagine booking several days off work to facilitate a trip to London to queue for 12 hours with no sleeping or sitting, for a 30 second silent file past a wooden box," wrote one.

They added: "I imagine the sense of anti climax is enormous."

On the other side of the fence, some people are currently en route in the hopes of joining the line, only to now find out that they might not even get in.

As said by a Twitter user: "On the train to London. What do I do now? Join the Scrum in Q2 waiting to join Q1? Or wander around for '6 hours at least' and then join an already enormous queue."

Unfortunately this will be up to their discretion - all we can say is the woman who saw the coffin a whopping seven times like she was at Alton Towers is probably making a few people jealous right about now.

Featured Image Credit: Amer Ghazzal/Alamy Stock Photo

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