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Raoul Moat's daughter had a shocking reaction to her 'monster' dad's death

Raoul Moat's daughter had a shocking reaction to her 'monster' dad's death

His eldest child Katelaine Fitzpatrick says she was constantly bullied at school for being Raoul Moat's daughter.

Raoul Moat's eldest daughter is worried that she looks like her 'monster' dad.

ITV's controversial three-part series, The Hunt for Raoul Moat, has been criticised by family members and people close to the situation.

The new three-part drama documents the story of a man who went on the run, after shooting three people in 24 hours.

After being released from Durham Prison in July 2010, Moat shot ex-partner Samantha Stobbart, who survived the attack, and killed her new boyfriend Christopher Brown.

Moat also shot and blinded PC David Rathband, before eventually shooting himself, after a tense stand-off with Northumbria Police.

Rathband, who was blinded in the incident, later took his own life.

And now Moat's 24-year-old daughter, Katelaine Fitzpatrick, has opened up on how she used to get bullied at school for her dad's killing spree.

She told The Sun: “This TV series is going to bring the horror back. For many it will just be a crime drama on telly, but for me and his victims, and the family of his victims, this is our life.

Raoul Moat's eldest daughter is worried that she looks like her 'monster' dad.

“He was a monster. He ruined so many lives and I don’t think it will ever stop affecting my life.”

Speaking about her mother, Caroline Fitzpatrick, Katelaine explained: “My mum left my dad before I could remember but I knew who he was.

“I was 11 when he did what he did and we were taken to a safe house in case he tried to kill us too.

“We watched it on the TV, it didn’t feel real that it was my dad on the TV.

“When he killed himself we hugged each other. I didn’t hate him then, I didn’t want him to be dead. But it was over, a relief.”

A month after her father shot himself, she started secondary school and was bullied for 'looking like him'.

“I was bullied constantly because I look like him. I have his light skin and blue eyes and physically we are very similar,” she said.

“Kids would yell, ‘Moaty!’ at me in the street and try to provoke me to fight back, as though pushing me to be like him.

Matt Stokoe as Raoul Moat.

"I was picked on the whole time. I was very shy and to begin with I ignored it, but I ended up fighting to defend myself.

“Older girls would come over to me and say, ‘You’re Raoul Moat’s daughter, aren’t you?’

"It was awful because back then, after he died, I was confused.

"He was still my dad, and for years I would release a balloon on his birthday and write him a card, then set it alight.

“I used to have the feeling my dad was watching me. I would imagine he was looking down on me and feeling proud.

“I wondered if he felt bad and ashamed. I wondered if he thought he was missing out on life.”

In a previous statement given to LADbible, ITV said: "World Productions contacted all the families affected by Raoul Moat’s crimes."

Featured Image Credit: NNP / Police Handout

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