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Reporter Delivering News In Six Different Languages Is Being Called ‘The Next James Bond’

Reporter Delivering News In Six Different Languages Is Being Called ‘The Next James Bond’

Philip Crowther has been commended on social media for his reporting on the situation between Ukraine and Russia

A journalist has gone viral after he delivered the news on the Ukraine-Russia situation in six different languages. You can watch him here:

Philip Crowther, an International Affiliate Correspondent for Associated Press, really earned his title as he switched between... wait for it: English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

What a guy.

During the English bit of his report, Crowther explained: "There's been a war with Russian-backed forces in the east, the Donbas region for eight years now. But despite that, the capital city of Kyiv is relatively calm."

From there on, I can't tell you what he's saying I'm afraid.


Philip humbly shared the report on Twitter alongside the caption: "Six-language coverage from #Kyiv with @AP_GMS. In this order: English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German."

People were clearly impressed with Philip with one writing: "This guy speaks Spanish with a better accent than half of the population of Spain. Me myself included!"

Another added: "I knew Luxembourgish existed, but never really thought about it, even while spending a holiday there... I guess I just thought of it as sort of German?"

And a third commented: "I feel like he should get six salaries..."

Another compared the journalist to 007, writing: "It’s the real James Bond."

A fifth said: "Damn impressive. So damn impressive. I have the utmost respect for those who speak multiple languages. But 6, yes SIX… I’ve not witnessed that before."


Others were throwing themselves at Mr Crowther with one asking: "Oh my God is this man married?? If he’s not where can I submit my application?"

In response, another user wrote: "You know you'll have to submit it in all six languages though..."

Another said: "Damn, that is sexy as hell."

Professing their love, a third commented: "I’m in love. Ech si verléift [I'm in love in Luxembourgish]. Estoy enamorado [I'm in love in Spanish]. Eu estou apaixonado [I'm in love in Portuguese]. Je suis amoureux [I'm in love in French]. Ich bin verliebt [I'm in love in German]."

They followed that up with: "Épouse-moi," which means 'marry me' in French and proves that the author can use Google Translate efficiently.

Featured Image Credit: NewsNation

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