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'Republican Jesus' video goes viral mocking Trump, Conservatives

Jayden Collins

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'Republican Jesus' video goes viral mocking Trump, Conservatives

A satirical video from ‘Republican Jesus’ in which a man mocks radical conservative ideals has resurfaced and gone viral online. 

The video titled ‘GOP Jesus’ has gained seven million views over the weekend and sees comedy group Friend Dog Studios mimic the wild beliefs of right-wing Americans, particularly those of Donald Trump's.

The sketch depicts a Jesus-like character and sayings and morals had he been a Republican or, more notably, a MAGA supporter. 

Actor Ben Auxier plays the Republican Jesus character and is seen at the beginning of the video carrying a young girl as he is watched on by his followers.


The man looks at the child and then says to the group of people: "I say unto you whoever welcomes one of these little ones in my name might be letting in a murderer or a drug. Let's get her to a detention centre."



In another scene, the fake Jesus recites a verse from the Bible: "I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.”

Only to follow it up with a sarcastic remark: "And behold, now I'm all lazy and entitled. You shouldn't have done that."

The video then seemingly takes aim at the soulless politicians who use their position for their own personal gain.

He asks: “What does a man profited if he gained the whole world, but lose his soul?”


Before answering: “A lot. He has profited a lot. One soul for the whole world, that is an amazing deal.”

The three-minute video was produced back in 2018 and made fun of then-President Donald Trump and his supporters and their wildly radical beliefs.

The video resurfaced in the wake of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending dozens of migrants to Democratic-led states and cities.


They say they are making a point against the Biden administration and the mishandling of the border and illegal immigration.

A bus of migrants was actually sent to Vice President Kamala Harris’ house at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.

They say they are reminding the Biden Administration ‘to do its job & secure the border’. 

The treatment of the migrants certainly mirrors that of GOP Jesus and the child in the first scene of the video.

Featured Image Credit: Friend Dog Studios/YouTube. Evan El-Amin / Alamy.

Topics: Donald Trump, Politics, News

Jayden Collins
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