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Retired nurse claims to have 'met god' after falling into a coma from eating shellfish

Retired nurse claims to have 'met god' after falling into a coma from eating shellfish

She said that after the coma she understood the meaning of life.

It's no secret that a lot of people claim to have seen the afterlife during near-death experiences, but a former nurse has alleged that she actually 'met God'.

Penny Wittbrodt, 52, from Kentucky, said that she found herself face to face with the Almighty when she was in a coma after experiencing difficulty breathing and swallowing in 2014.

Penny ended up in a coma after a severe allergic reaction.
Facebook / Penny Wittbrodt

The retired nurse now writes about her near-death experiences on her blog and told that she became aware of her own soul and that of her grandmother's after going into anaphylactic shock.

She explained that she had gone into shock after experiencing a severe allergic reaction from eating shellfish and saw a 'bright light' after her son rushed her to hospital.

It was at this point that her grandmother's spirit allegedly told her to stay calm.

She said of life on the other side: "Time here [on Earth] is so structured, and time there really gets away from you."

It was in this other realm that the retired nurse claims to have met God, and when she did, she said she asked him why she had to suffer so much at various points in her life - such as when her husband left her.

The 52-year-old said she was happy with God's answers to all of her questions, explaining that he told her that her earthly suffering would be rewarded in the next life.

In reality, Penny was in a comma that she eventually recovered from and said that when she woke up she was 'immediately healed.'

She said that she finally understood the meaning of life.

"We're meant to move forward, meet challenges, and share kindness," she explained.

The retired nurse claims she understood the meaning of life after her coma.
Facebook / Penny Wittbrodt

However, the retired nurse doesn't just claim to have learned the meaning of life after her coma, she said she also discovered that some of our life experiences are predetermined.

Penny said that before people are born, they pick their parents - and they are given the opportunity to chose what their life challenges will be.

"I try to remind people that because before you came, you knew what traumas you were going to face," she said.

The 52-year-old asserted that her time on the other side ultimately taught her that the hardships a person faces are valuable to them in way that happy experiences are not.

"I'm so relieved that someone's there, and I'm not alone," she said.

Penny now blogs about life after a near-death experience on Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: penny.wittbrod/Facebook

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