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Robert Irwin bravely feeds an alligator at his zoo as Bindi's toddler Grace watches on

Robert Irwin bravely feeds an alligator at his zoo as Bindi's toddler Grace watches on

Robert Irwin gave his niece an insight into the family business

Robert Irwin gave his young niece an insight into the family business over the weekend.

The animal expert and sister Bindi took two-year-old Grace Warrior down to Australia Zoo yesterday (28 May) to check out some of their animals.

And just like his dad, Robert decided to see how the alligators were doing and give them some food.

In the video, which was posted to Instagram, Robert explains that he's heading down to the reptile enclosure to hand-feed the powerful creatures.

"We're going to watch Uncle Robert and Dada feed the alligators," Bindi says to her toddler.

"Grace is counting the alligators," Robert explains.

While Bindi and Grace stand nearby, Robert jumps over the fence and takes a big bucket of meat down to the gators, looking just like his dad, Steve Irwin.

Robert Irwin hopped into the animal enclosure to feed the gators.

He then crouches down by the water and starts tapping the surface to get the animal's attention.

"Hey, Daisy," Robert says. "That's what gets her keen."

Stroking Daisy's tail, Robert explains: "You can give her a little pat on the tail. You can see that - come in, come in - and have a look at that incredibly long tail.

"On land, that tail is a real hindrance for the alligator, but once they're back in the water, it's really the secret to their success."

Getting even closer to the creature's face, he then shows off her 'blunt' teeth, and explains that gators have massively strong jaws, which are vital for their survival.

"They're really sweet. My dad called them frogs with shark teeth because that's pretty much what they are," he says.

After feeding Daisy, Robert returns to Bindi and asks his niece: "Grace, what did you think?"

To which she replies: "Love you, Daisy."

Bindi held daughter Grace Warrior while her brother fed Daisy.

This comes after Robert recreated a tear-jerking photo of him in his dad’s old ute.

The 19-year-old took to Instagram to share a heartwarming picture recapturing his youth while honouring his late dad, national treasure Steve.

The first picture shows a young Robert sitting on Steve’s lap, pretending to drive, while the second image is of the animal expert now behind the wheel.

In his caption, Robert revealed he now uses the beloved ute for ‘road trips’.

“My dad’s ute… it’s a special car. From early memories when Dad would park and let me pretend to drive, to more recently when I took my drivers test in it (and somehow managed not to stall it),” he wrote.

“I remember my first solo drive in this car after I got my license - it was to the hospital to meet my niece for the first time, right after she was born.

"And now, the ute still comes on road trips to this day.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@robertirwinphotography

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