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Heartbreaking story behind 'secret pyramid' erected in King Charles' Balmoral estate

Heartbreaking story behind 'secret pyramid' erected in King Charles' Balmoral estate

The granite-structure in King Charles' back garden at his Balmoral estate has a tragic story behind it.

It turns out you don't have to trudge all the way to Egypt to get a glimpse of a pyramid - as King Charles has one in his back garden at his Balmoral estate.

The Royals love to take some respite at their Scottish hideaway which has been in the family for more than 170 years.

Prince Albert adorably bought the 50,000 acre estate as a gift for his beloved wife Queen Victoria in 1852.

Which surely proves that if he wanted to, he would, ladies.

The Royal Family religiously flock to the Aberdeenshire retreat, which is now in King Charles' hands, for their annual summer break.

Although several generations have passed through the castle's walls, its original tenants left a lasting stamp on its grounds.

Hidden among the woodland are 11 cairns, which is a Gaelic term to describe a structure made from stacked stones.

Rab Lawrence

They were built to commemorate the marriages of Queen Victoria's and Prince Albert's nine children.

But one of the pyramids is much more poignant than the others.

Prince Albert's Cairn, which peeks over the trees in the Highlands, takes pride of place.

That's because it's a touching triangular tribute erected by Queen Victoria in 1862 to honour her late husband.

Prince Albert died a year earlier at the young age of 42, after suffering from a long illness, leaving his wife heartbroken.

The grief-stricken monarch wore black to represent her mourning for the rest of her reign.

Queen Victoria decided to commission the largest-ever cairn to grace Balmoral in memory of Prince Albert.

The granite pyramid, which measures 41 feet by 41 feet at its base, also has a tear jerking inscription on the side.

It reads: "To the beloved memory of ALBERT, the great and good Prince Consort.

The monarch enjoys spending his summers at the Scottish estate.
Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images

"Erected by his broken-hearted widow VICTORIA. R. – 21st August,1862."

It only seems fitting for Prince Albert to be immortalised at the place where he and his spouse shared so many happy times.

If you fancy exploring Balmoral, you can visit the pyramid as well as the other cairns for free.

Prince Albert's Cairn is situated about 1.5 miles from the car park, but the full walk can take up to three hours to complete.

There is another cairn you should also add to your list that has a special connection to the couple too.

The Purchase Cairn was erected in 1852 by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to celebrate the purchase of Balmoral.

So, if you fancy soaking up some breathtaking views and royal history - this could be the perfect day trip for you.

Featured Image Credit: Rab Lawrence/ Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images

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