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People fear King's Guard 'could lose job' after American makes him crack smile on duty

People fear King's Guard 'could lose job' after American makes him crack smile on duty

An American woman got a royal guard to laugh and people are worried he 'could lose his job.'

An American woman got a royal guard to crack a smile and people are worried he 'could lose his job.' You can decide for yourself if the guard's grin is a sackable offence below:

This is the first time we've seen a guard smile and it really is a sight to behold.

Look, we've all tried to make a royal guard laugh, it's standard practice for any school trip to Buckingham Palace.

To this day, we've never seen anyone be successful, that is until an American by the name of Bria came along.

The clip was shared on TikTok and shows the woman and her friend bantering around with the guard.

Cracking jokes and making up scenarios, the two relentlessly wear the lad down until he succumbs to a smile - we're wondering if he was just trying to get them to leave, but you can be the judge of that.

The guard tried to keep his serious demeanour.

Bria starts her valiant attempt to make the guard laugh by joking about their day together: "I'm here with my new friend we've been hanging out all day.

"We're talking about definitely going to get some drinks later, we've hung out with the queen so, remember, we've done so much today that I can't even remember."

Safe to say that this wasn't the comedic comments that got the guard to laugh, but Bria wore him down, and when she asked if their escapades were 'entertaining for him', the lad grinned.

The women were bowled over by the reaction screaming: "Yes. Yes. Love you Oh my god."

Not everyone was excited, though, with some fearing that the guard would 'lose his job for that'.

Bria managed to get the guard to laugh.

Another added: "Man just know his losing his job (dead inside simile)."

While a third chimed in to say: "I see this clip in two ways, one, he probably got fired and annoyed too, two, it's kinda cute and funny. I can decide."

And if anyone is really concerned about the lad's current employment situation, an anonymous guard on Reddit cleared it up.

The royal guard took to Reddit to clear up 'a lot of false info and myths about what we do'.

And this included the infamous no laughing or smiling while on duty rule - turns out that the guard cracking a smile in the video would not get him fired, though he might get a 'telling off'.

As QueensGuard62: "Well despite popular belief, we don’t undergo laughing training, we just are expected to get on with it and be professional and mature.

"Also a big rumour, if you smile, you won’t just be fined hundreds of pounds and fired or whatever, you’ll get a few telling offs before any major action."

So, there you have it, doesn't look like the lad would be sacked, and thank god because that'd be a terrible end to a shift.

LADbible has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @atruechronicle

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