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Royal Variety Host Alan Carr Divides Viewers Over 'Awkward' Prince William Jibe

Royal Variety Host Alan Carr Divides Viewers Over 'Awkward' Prince William Jibe

Alan Carr hosted 2021's Royal Variety Show and some viewers weren't massively keen on his jokes

Comedian Alan Carr has divided viewers after he made an 'awkward' jibe towards Prince William and Kate Middleton while acting as host of this year's Royal Variety Show. Watch below:

Fans on social media seemed to be pretty shocked after the 45-year-old made a cheeky dis from the famous Royal Albert Hall in London.

As The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked on from their Royal box, Carr started off by complimenting Kate on her stunning green gown, which was well received.

However, he then went on to reassure William that he wasn't flirting with his wife.

Alan joked: "Sir, I am sure you do not know who I am. But I am not hitting on your wife."

Although Kate and William appeared to find the jibe hilarious, some viewers didn't feel the same.

One angry viewer tweeted: "FFS! This is unbearable. How did Alan Carr get the job? What an unfunny, embarrassment he is. Even his parents are squirming. #RoyalVarietyPerformance."


Another added: "This is so boring. Alan Carr really isn't that funny. Stop with the royal jokes." 

A third slammed: "Who the f**k booked Alan Carr for #TheRoyalVarietyPerformance? His jokes are as old as Rod Stewart’s hair style."

Despite the negativity surrounding Carr's performance, however, not all felt the same way.

Someone else wrote: "Not an Alan Carr fan, but he has made me smile tonight. #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

"Alan can do no wrong! What are all these rubbish tweets about? He's been great," another tweeted.

A final user also defended the comedian: "Gosh! Nobody can do it better than Alan. Of course he was going to make a joke about the royals. Calm down everyone."

But this isn't the first time that Carr has divided the audience with his comments about the Royal Family.


Earlier this year, the comedian was hosting his show Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow when he began to introduce the hopeful celebrities hoping to win cash for their chosen charities.

As Carr was introducing Fallon Sherrock, a professional darts player, he said: "As a pro, you must have a nickname, what's your nickname?" 

She explained that she's referred to as Queen of the Palace (Alexandra Palace) and Alan went on to say: "I think that's the nickname Meghan had her heart set on, didn't it. But look how that turned out. What's she like?"

Taking offence, one viewer wrote: "Alan Carr is a funny man, there's no denying that. But he's gone too far with that Meghan Markle comment after all that she's come to reveal recently."

Other fans certainly weren't offended, with one user tweeting: "Leave Alan Carr alone. His comment was neither risky nor snide. Just British humour so get over it. If you people don't like our humour too bad. We know how to laugh at ourselves." 

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