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Shark that mauled and ate man off Egyptian tourist resort caught and killed by locals

Shark that mauled and ate man off Egyptian tourist resort caught and killed by locals

The predator was brought to shore by angry locals

A shark that mauled and killed a man was dragged out of the sea and killed by locals in Egypt.

Earlier this week, a tiger shark dragged a Russian man under the water, ultimately killing him, at a popular resort in the Red Sea as other holidaymakers watched on in horror.

The 10ft long 'meat grinder' shark killed 23-year-old Vladimir Popov, as his helpless father watched from the shore.

Popov's father told local media: "We went to the beach to relax. My son was attacked by a shark. It all happened in seconds.

"This meat grinder happened in 20 seconds... it is just some kind of evil fate."

Recalling the gruesome tragedy, one eyewitness said: "The shark appeared and immediately bit the man. He tried to swim away from the shark, but he couldn't.

"It dragged the body for two hours. It constantly dragged him under the water."

Vladimir Popov was tragically killed by a tiger shark in Egypt.
Telegram via BAZA

Citizens have been warned by Egypt's Environment Ministry to remain vigilant and tourists at the resort have been advised to follow the instructions of hotel staff.

The authorities closed off a 46 mile radius of the coastline and have declared it off-limits until Sunday.

And now, the predator has been captured by locals, with it being hauled out of the sea in a fishing net before being tossed onto the beach and viciously beaten in revenge.

As the locals got their digs in, the shark appeared to still be alive with a hook lodged into its nose.

One man was seen repeatedly hitting the hunter over the head with a metal pole.

Egyptian authorities later confirmed that the shark responsible for killing Popov had, indeed, been caught and killed.

The shark was caught and killed by angry locals.

Researchers are now looking into whether or not the shark had been responsible for any previous attacks.

Shark attacks are generally quite rare, with there being 57 unprovoked attacks around the world in 2022. Only five of these attacks end in fatalities, with an additional four deaths being attributed to attacks that were 'provoked'.

Two of the unprovoked killings took place in Hurghada, Egypt, placing it joint first with South Africa as the nation with the most.

In years gone by, a tourist from the Czech Republic was killed a by shark off a Red Sea beach in 2018, as German tourist met a similar fate three years earlier.

In 2010, five shark attacks occurred over the course of five days, close to the shore of Sharm el-Sheikh, with one German being killed and four other tourists being maimed.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@‌RedaElsayed__./Telegram

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