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Salt Bae Returns To London Nusr-Et Restaurant In Time For Valentine's Day

Salt Bae Returns To London Nusr-Et Restaurant In Time For Valentine's Day

Chef Salt Bae has announced his return to Knightsbridge restaurant Nusr-Et on Instagram

Salt Bae has returned to London. You can see footage of him in action from the last couple of days below:

Salt Bae - real name Nusret Gökçe - announced his return to his Nusr-Et restaurant in Knightsbridge, London, on social media.

The chef has tagged posts to his London steakhouse with one post captioned: "London's new icon 2022."

It's currently not known how long Salt Bae will be staying in London for.

In a couple of Insta posts with the Knightsbridge restaurant tagged as the location, the famous chef showcases some chopping skills by lining up a row of four avocados before dicing them with a single cut.

In a second clip, he then prepares the Yeni nesil, otherwise known as 'new generation' Burger.

Salt Bae's return is well-timed if you fancy a slap-up meal for Valentine's Day, but it might get a bit more heated than usual when it comes to 'who pays the bill'.

That's because according to Insider, you can expect to hand over around £1,000 for a meal at Salt Bae's London restaurant, which opened in September 2021.

A steak will reportedly set you back £630, then you've got your sides, starters, desserts and drinks to consider. Not to mention - a hefty service charge.

Other notable items on the new London Nusr-Et menu include a £100 'golden burger', a £23 salad, a £12 sweet corn dish, and a £11 Red Bull.

In November last year, Salt Bae left his London restaurant to set up his 28th venue. 


The salt sprinkling celebrity chef jetted off to Saudi Arabia to open his 28th venue in Riyadh.

Taking to his Instagram story, Salt Bae wrote: "Sunday is my last day in London. I will go to Riyadh to open my 28th restaurant.

"Sunday is my last day in Lovely London. I want to see you beautiful people before I go."

He became a social media sensation thanks to his unorthodox seasoning method which came to light back in 2017. Now he owns a global chain of steakhouses.


To put things into context, Salt Bae is estimated to be worth an eye-watering $60 million (£44 million) in 2021.

Although the world has only really known Salt Bae since 2017, his restaurant venture began in 2010 and he's put some hard graft into building up his steak house empire.


Salt Bae has prepared meals for the Hollywood elite and other celebs around the world which is bound to come with a nice pay packet - not to mention the exposure and seal of approval you can get from them. 

But aside from those things, the mind-boggling price of his food might explain why he's worth so much too.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/nusr_et

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