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School Threatens Pupils With Detention If They Don’t Donate To Red Nose Day

School Threatens Pupils With Detention If They Don’t Donate To Red Nose Day

The school has since spoken out about the incident

A school has spoken out after it sent an email around warning parents their child would be put in detention if they failed to offer a donation for Red Nose Day.

Livingstone Academy in Bournemouth - which describes itself on its website as a 'pioneering school for the 21st century' - has been at the centre of backlash after it sent out the email head of Red Nose Day today (18 March).

Given the current cost of living crisis, with millions of low income households struggling to get by, punishing students who are unable to donate to charity has left many parents outraged.


The original email read: “We can confirm that tomorrow, Friday, is a mufti day, and originally students were asked to pay their £1 donation for this by today, Thursday.”

It continued by warning: "We will accept donations tomorrow, however, anyone in mufti who has not donated £1 towards Red Nose Day will be subject to a SLT detention tomorrow after school."

Headteacher Dr Kimberly Elms has since apologised for the 'erroneous' email and has subsequently offered the following clarification to parents: "We at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth are looking forward to celebrating Red Nose Day with lots of fun and raising money for good causes.


"It is our Student Council that has spent weeks planning an extended lunchtime on Friday with activities and games for prizes.

"It is our students who have elected to have a mufti day and ask for a £1 donation to do so. All the money raised is going to Comic Relief and the charities it supports.

"Normal uniform rules apply for students who do not wish to wear mufti.

"All our students, regardless of whether they are in mufti or uniform, will be participating in all the games and activities planned.

"Unfortunately, an erroneous message went out from the office inbox stating children who are in mufti but have not donated will receive an SLT detention. This is not true. We have since issued a clarification and apology to our families."

LADbible has reached out to Livingstone Academy for comment.

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